UK complicity in Ukrainian Constitutional Court Ruling?

April 10, 2010

Well dear readers, here is a link to a bit of a yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwn article by the EU Observer.


At least I was yawning my way through it until I reached these paragraphs:

According to press reports, a day before the 11 March approbation of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov’s government in the Verkhovna Rada, the new Ukrainian President consulted the ambassadors of the G8 countries about whether they would accept a government elected by individual MPs, including deserters from other parties, as opposed to one which had the backing of political blocs.

Allegedly, either the majority or all of the ambassadors gave Mr Yanukovych green light under the condition that he would ask the Constitutional Court to rule on the legality issue. To Western eyes, the question may have seemed to be a purely judicial one. But Ukraine is not yet a consolidated democracy with a deeply ingrained rule of law.

Now, our own Mr Turner (UK Ambassador to Ukraine) is no naive public schoolboy better suited to conkers than diplomacy.  He is in fact a mandarin of serious note, with whom I find it difficult to see serious grounds for fault, particularly given the restraints put upon him by David 006 Miliband…….who is better suited to playing conkers than representing the interests of the UK.

Is it the case that 006 back in London gave the “green light” for what many would consider the complete disregard of the existing Ukrainian Constitution and Leigh was to relay such inferences?

If so, how duplicitous can it be to fund the drive for “rule of law” in Ukraine with EU taxpayer money and yet be complicite in trampling the Constitution of such a nation at the same time?

I find it difficult to believe that it would be the personal position of Leigh himself, as he, like myself, has blogged about the disregard for the local elections being postponed indefinitely……and then some elections scheduled to be held, but not all, as mentioned by my good self although not by Leigh.

He, to be fair has made his point and given his position is not really as able to comment on, or pursue issues as far as I am able to, without extreme due care and attention.  I, at least at present, am neither Honourary Consul for the UK or Ukraine, so therefore am able to take things a little further and with slightly less due care in so much as the inferences that can be drawn from my ramblings here.

The question is though, was the G8 and Mr Miliband, complicite as is indicated in this article?

Certainly our good Ambassador would have informed the boy Miliband that such a move would certainly make it through the Constitutional Courts…..rightly or wrongly……. but international condemnation is something which Mr Yanukovych does not need when walking a tightrope between East and West.

It is not a question of whether the outcome of the Constitutional Court would have changed, in so much as, would the current government have even been formed if the G8 would not have recognised its legitimacy and cried “foul” very loudly and very publicly?

From a G8 and global viewpoint, of course a stable government aligned with the President, rather than what there has been for the past 5 years, is certainly a good thing, but what price stability over law?

(A rhetorical question when it comes to the current Labour masters of our Ambassador somewhat…..but there we enter UK domestic politics which would be a completely different blog.)

I know our people in Kyiv read my blog…….so greetings one and all…….and indeed I have posted replies to posts on my blog from HM Embassy in the past, with their consent of course.

(I am after all no competition for WikiLeaks and as far as I know, still subject to The Official Secrets Act I signed many moons ago (and may even still have my PV status for secret information although that has probably lapsed), whilst in the employ of The Crown).

I will not be expecting any confirmation or denial from Kyiv over these accusations and no doubt someone somewhere will seek such information under the Feedom of Information Act if they are that keen to establish the truth (or not) behind what the EU Observer has written…..as far as HM Government involvement is anyway.

However, the lack of denial more than the lack of condemnation (which has been now muted by the obvious court decision) is quite deafening at the moment.

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