RosUkrGas deemed a “shady” middleman by Tymoshenko wins in Stockholm

April 8, 2010

Well dear readers, Yulia Tymoshenko and the then government claimed to have rid Ukraine of corrupt gas intermediary RosUkrGas and stated “claims against the Ukrainian government were incorrect, as neither the Cabinet of Ministers nor Naftogaz had agreements with that company.”

It seems a court in Stockholm would disagree and has awarded RosUkrGas an intermediary payment of $197 million in repsect to 2008.  Claims for 2009 and the 11 billion cubic meters of gas currently stored underground which are still to be heard come to $3.5 billion.

As I wrote at the time, this move against RosUkrGas was personally motivated by Ms Tymoshenko’s dislike of Dmytro Firtash and had very little to do with fighting corruption as was claimed.  It was one of  her only moves against corruption in her entire time as Prime Minister……..and seemingly one which she will now loose in the foreign courts…….making her net gains against corruption during 4 years in office……almost zero.

It would seem the Stockholm court would have evidence to make such an award that Ms Tymoshenko states does not exist……very much like evidence she claims exists in other matters but does not produce to courts or media alike with any form of corroboration.

So who is more “shady”……RosUkrGas or Ms Tymoshenko?

Hard to tell when there is no light to cast any shadeows in the first place.

Strangely, I consider her a very capable politician, unfortunatley she is either very badly advised or simply does not take advise.  To have any impact on the public now she is no longer even a RADA member, she must choose her public battles wisely and any accusations must not only have evidence behind them but corroborated evidence at that.

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