Cutting your nose off………?

April 2, 2010

Well dear readers, what is going on here?

Are the BYuT and Ms Tymoshneko cutting their nose off to spite their face?

Interfax-Ukraine Chairman of Kyiv Regional Council Volodymyr Maibozhenko and two of his deputies, Larysa Piotrovych and Oleh Kalenyk, (all from the BYT faction) have submitted their letters of resignation.

First Deputy Chairman of Kyiv Regional Council Oleksandr Kachny told this Interfax-Ukraine.

“We’ve seen the letter, it has been registered in the personnel department, and we have a copy,” Kachny said.

At the same time he said that as BYT councilors failed to attend a meeting of the regional council on Tuesday, the council was not able to approve the resignation of Maibozhenko, Piotrovych and Kalenyk.

He noted that the BYT faction in the Verkhovna Rada had called on the heads of local councils from the BYT faction to join the opposition to the government.

Kachny said that faction and commission heads of the regional council and other deputies think that currently it is impossible to be in the government and at the same time to be in opposition to this government.   (My highlighting)

According to him, about 50 members of Kyiv Regional Council agreed to sign the application of the leadership of the regional council and give them the chance to work constructively in opposition.

According to Kachny, the BYT faction was offered to be in charge of any commissions it wants and to have one deputy chairman of the regional council position.

He noted that as of today, there are 61 representatives of the BYT faction in the regional council. On the whole the regional council consists of 120 members.

On Tuesday, the meeting of Kyiv Regional Council had to be held, but only 49 out of the required 61 members were registered.

How is this a good thing?  So because Yulia Tymoshenko did not become President or remain as Prime Minister, all BYuT members are calling upon themselves to resign from any form of government at all?

No BYuT members in Oblast Adminsitrations?  No BYuT members in City Administrations?  Everyone associated to BYuT cannot hold a position in active government and all most go into opposition?

Is it easier to fight your cause from a position of power in a City Administration or in opposition in a City Administration?

Did all the Republicans in US organs of power resign because McCain lost?  Did the Conservative Party in the UK say because they are in opposition that they would not control or run County, Borough and City councils?

Of course they didn’t for the best way to influence politics at any level is to use what positions you have to best effect regardless of whether the levels are national or regional.

This is the most incredibly self-destructive and naive political action I have ever witnessed in my life.  It is hardly surprising another 3 BYuT MPs have crossed over to the otherside this week and joined the ruling coalition. 

For a party which claims to be “the democratic party” of Ukraine, how democtratic is it to simply remove elected members of your party from positions of power in regional and city administrations because you spat the dummy from your cott over national elections?

How very responsible!  How very democratic!  How very accountable to the people who voted you into those offices you are!

BYuT have completely lost the plot!

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