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A Neutral Ukraine?

February 26, 2010

Well dear readers, as some will know from my historical posts, this is something I have considered and have concluded would be the most beneficial move for Ukraine…….

Interfax-Ukraine – In its draft coalition agreement for factions in the Verkhovna Rada Ukraine’s Party of Region suggests recording the non-aligned status of the country.

The draft agreement posted in the Ukrayinska Pravda Web publication on Wednesday provides for the continuation of constructive cooperation with NATO “on all matters of mutual interest.”

The foreign policy part of the draft also speaks for composing the agenda of bilateral relations with Russia based on strategic partnership, friendship and neighborliness as well as mutually-beneficial trade and economic cooperation.

The Party of Regions also proposes economic integration throughout the former Soviet Union with due account for Ukraine’s interests and WTO principles, and mutually-beneficial cooperation with CIS countries.

The document speaks for observing the Charter of Strategic Partnership with the United States and the development of mechanisms of strategic partnership.

The humanitarian part of the document suggests pursuing a language policy based on provisions of international law and the European charter of regional languages.

Nothing contrevercial in that lot and everyone externally and internally should be fairly happy with that. 

It takes the pressure off of the EU continually finding reasons not to allow Ukraine entry and stops Russian concerns about NATO membership.

It deals fairly and in accordance with European and International laws, the thorny issue of language and really you would be hard pushed to find a more accommodating position for anyone with an interest in Ukraine.

A full declaration of neutrality and international recognition would put the icing on the cake and make Ukraine, as both President Yanukovych and Mr Baross from the EU have said, a bridge between East and West…..with the added bonus of not being allowed or being forced to take sides.

No loss of sovereignty to the EU or the CIS, even Mr Yushenko would have to agree it would go some way to a Ukrainian identity simply by not being aligned or having designs one way or another which were internationally recognised.

This is much to much like common sense to get through the RADA of course……and I am biased, as it is what I have preached for a very long time.

UN membership (tick), WTO membership (tick), EU Association Agreement/Free Trade Agreement (to do), CIS Association Agreement but not ratified membership (kind of done, but needs clarification on areas of cooperation and has never been ratified), internationally recognised neutrality…….job done as far as major foreign policy is concerned!

Anyway allow me to bask in the fact that there are others in the country which see neutrality as the only real solution to satisfy, at least partially, the political and public desire to go……or not…… one way or another.

Then at last, with “direction” sorted……maybe someone will put the internal issues of Ukraine higher up the agenda.


Building Confidence…..

February 26, 2010

Interfax-Ukraine President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych has said that one of his first tasks is to achieve domestic stability and overcome corruption in order to restore confidence in the state among investors and international organizations.

“The obligatory condition for the restoration of confidence in Ukraine among investors and international financial institutes is ensuring domestic political stability, overcoming corruption, establishing clear and, most important, unchanging rules of relations between the state and business,” Yanukovych said during his inauguration speech in Kyiv on Feb. 25.

He said that this would be a rather difficult process.

“[But] I have enough political will so as to make this a reality,” Yanukovych said.

Ukraine’s president also said that his team has already drawn up a strategy of innovative development of the country.

Jolly good, but a small problem in the shape of Ms Tymoshenko who will fight you simply to fight you rather than fight you over legitimate issues.  Either you have to get her on board or get rid of her.  Failure to do either means five more wasted years…….won’t hold my breath!

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