Operation Immigrant – 1st to 31st March 2010

February 25, 2010

Well dear readers, the nation of Ukraine……well actually the Ministry of the Interior, OVIR, Customs and Borders officials etc etc…….start Operation Immigrant on 1st March for the entire month.

Any foreigner caught having overstayed, breaching work permit laws, visa regulations, registration irregularities……or complete lack of registration……..will be locked up, handed a deportation order, put on a bus and thrown out of the country.

No excuses or any ignorance of the law will be acceptable……..you will go and not be allowed back for 6 months or a year!

So if you are here illegally, better buy a lot of cat food for your cat……..as if you are stopped at the Metro Station, Bus Station, Train Station, Airport……or even in the street……..you will be gone that day with nobody to feed your cat!

Even if you have all the apropriate stamps, visas, work permits in your passport checks at the issuing OVIRs can take place to confirm that all supporting documents are in order there………..so what price a filing error eh?

Proactive checks begin on 1st March for the entire month……..and maybe repeated later in the year also……so you have been warned!

Yeh, I know you haven’t done it as you don’t speak Russian or Ukrainian and didn’t know how to fill the forms in, the landlord wouldn’t register you, work permits are for others etc etc…….that’s why companies like Odessa-PA exist……to keep you here legally…….but of course you were never going to get caught so spent the money on beer and women instead.

Unfortunately for you, in a drive towards “European standards” of border control…….you now need to start to respect the immigration laws of Ukraine people!


One comment

  1. Great article 🙂

    By the way, it’s not OVIR (OVIR doesn’t exist in Ukraine), it’s Управління у справах громадянства, імміграції та реєстрації фізичних осіб (УГІРФО) (UGIRFO).

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