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Masters Degrees – Study time extended by 2 years

February 18, 2010

The Education Ministry of Ukraine has approved a new plan for master’s degrees, with the term of education being increased by up to two years.

The education programs for master’s degrees will be divided into research, professional and career programs, the press service of the Education Ministry reported.

In particular, research programs foresee in depth research in one scientific sphere, while professional programs foresee the development of professional and the formation of management qualifications in a certain sphere of activity. Career programs, in turn, foresee the development of theoretical knowledge and practical experience for career growth, as well as preparation for management activity.

According to the plan, terms of education for master’s degree programs will be gradually increased by one and a half or two years.

Well dear readers, a Masters Degree takes 2 years in Ukraine, on top of the standard Bachelor’s Degree which takes 5 years.

So it will now take 9 years to have a Master’s Degree in Ukraine and then add on quite a few more to become a Professor.

There are many detractors of the Ukrainian (and Russian) education systems but having seen both in action and comparing them to my own I would say they are as good if not better than mine.

Of course the detractors base this on the corruption in the education system and the ability to buy your degrees……in fact that is true, you can buy a Bachelor’s Degree, Masters Degree and even a Professor qualification if you have the money and know the right people who can not only generate the degree itself but also back date all attendence records and create the academic work, should anyone check……but it is not cheap.

This is not a fair reflection on the quality of the education as far as the detractors are concerned but simply a justified damnation of a corrupt system if you can afford to buy the results…..and we are talking about tens of thousands of US$ for a Masters or higher.

It is completely impossible to buy qualifications in the fields of anything practical anymore…….so a Doctor here is indeed a genuinely qualified Doctor in terms of medicine etc etc.

Of course a Doctor in Psychology may or may not have bought their “Doctorate”…….but this is Ukraine and psychologists normally cannot afford tens of thousands of US$ to buy such a qualification as most academics here are undervalued, underpaid and over worked…….like the State doctors, nurses, police, civil service, teachers…….and anyone else associated with the government payroll of Ukraine…….except the politicians of course!

Despite having a couple of Bachelor’s Degrees myself, I have to say that the thought of school from the age of 6 years old to 17 years here, followed by a 5 year Bachelors Degree and now a 4 year Masters degree even before spending another 5 years to become a Professor……totalling 25 years of education to become a Professor…….or 31 years old at the earliest before you get any experience of life outside of education…….well it doesn’t do it for me folks!

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