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Delay the regional elections…….Why?

February 15, 2010

Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense (OU-PSD) MP Oksana Bilozir has proposed postponing until this autumn the elections to the local councils, as well as the election of city mayors and village heads, the parliamentarian’s press service reported on Friday.

She registered a bill to that effect in the Ukrainian parliament on Friday.

The bill of amendments to a Verkhovna Rada resolution scheduling the election of deputies to the local councils, as well as the election of city mayors and village heads in 2010, proposes postponing local elections from May 30 until September 26, 2010.

An explanatory note to the bill says that the elections could be disrupted due to the difficult financial and economic situation in the country and the absence of the state budget for 2010.  – Interfax-Ukraine

Now you see dear readers, it is hardly surprising that Ukrainian politics is always disfunctional when the politicians are always working against the best interests of the country is it?

Firstly, the OU-PSD……which is a completely rediculous name in my opinion…….I mean when written in full and not abreviated obviously………managed to gain 5% of the vote in the Presidential elections under the stewardship of that fine, dynamic, invigerating and inspirational figure of soon to be, ex-President Yushenko.

The reason for this idea has much more to do with the OU-PSD having time to “regroup” in the hope of seeing a continuing farce in Ukrainian politics, to make the most of it by delaying the regional elections until October when they can say…….”Look, nothing’s changed!”

I will grant that it is more likely than not that the farce will continue through no fault of the new President.  The farce will continue because of the constitution being shambolic and there being no mechanism to sort out the powers of the executive and legislature respectively without re-writing the constitution.

The chances of an effective consititution being re-written and agreed by the politicians of Ukraine…….well, they are about the same chance of Ukraine being a world superpower next week.

Since when has a democratic process been halted for the reason of finance?  Hardly the democratic and “European values” as proclaimed by her party’s leader Mr Yushenko over the past 5 years is it?

What is a few $ million needed for these regional elections to keep to the laws of the land and the democratic values in the scheme of things, for a nation tens of $ billions in debt?

The money was found for a Presidential election which not only cost hundreds of $ millions but also cut of the IMF funding as it occured…….something regional elections won’t do.

If there can be no functioning parliament……which seems likely…….should snap parliamentary elections also be stopped through lack of money and Ukraine have no functioning government because of it?

Could the real reason for this be a fear from within the OU-PSD that there will be a mirrored vote in the regional elections of those in the presidential elections…….meaning they will be lucky to control anything other than their own bladders after the regional elections?

The OU-PSD no longer have the office of President (well soon) or any chance of having anyone in any powerful position in the Presidential Secretariate either.  Their judges will be removed from office as well as their few highly appointed people……as appointed by their out-going President, Mr Yushenko.

They are an incredibly weak parliamentary force, much weaker than Party of Regions, Bloc Tymoshenko and several other much smaller parties too.

The loss of regional administrations will doom them to becoming a small and irrelevant political faction in the RADA at the very best……..unless they can buy time to show nothing has changed under the new leadership…….which this seems cynically to be trying to attempt, under the guise of saving the country expense in the time of financial hardship.

Nothing can change under the new leadership unless the President manages to get a functioning parliament or has a strong powerbase in the regional administrations…..although of course both would be ideal to see any form of meaningful progress.

In my opinion, to which you are free to disagree as always dear readers, this is once more politicians putting their personal interests ahead of the nation of Ukraine…….so no surprise there then eh?

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