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Court challenges begin…….

February 14, 2010

Unfortunately the court challenges for the presidential result have began in earnest.

The diplomatic and political “nudge” by world leaders congratulating Mr Yanukovych on his victory, backed up by the international observers stating there were no major violations and the vote was free and fair, has failed to stop Ms Tymoshenko starting a continued effort to overturn and challenge the election results.

The smooth transition of power which had been hoped for by the “international nudging” will not happen.

On Wednesday it is likely the Central Election Committee will annouce Mr Yanukovych the winner, confirming exit poll predictions, despite the on-going court challenges of Ms Tymoshenko.

This of course, now, is a personal struggle for power hidden under the thin veil of democracy and whether the court appeals are successful or not, it will mean political chaos until September.

Whether Ms Tymoshenko can get enough judges on her side…..and money talks, not impartiality, doing the right thing, or thinking of the “greater good”……..remains to be seen, but money she is not lacking.

The question is, even if she is successful and overturns the results, where does that leave her in the eyes of the nation or the international community who have already congratulated Mr Yanukovych on his victory?

Internally, it is hardly going to be a shock to most Ukrainians to see a corrupted system bend to political will, but of course she will be seen as having corrupted the system by half the country and suspected of doing so by the rest……even if they voted for her.

Her mandate will never be seen as a democratically achieved one either internally or internationally now.

Her EU crusade will take a severe blow from forcing her way into power if she is successful…… that is not the “European way”……..and particularly after all the leaders of the nations individually and the EU as an organsiation have already congratulated Mr Yanukovych on his victory and Ukraine on a free and fair election.

For these leaders to suddenly welcome Ms Tymoshenko as the winner not only makes them look foolish but also undermines the position of the international observers they place great reliance and credibility on.

Of course there is the option to “spin” it and say the observers cannot be everywhere all the time……although there were thousands of observers here…….so that really won’t hold much water with the international public even if it will ease the position of the politicians as an excuse to recognise her should she manage to pull this off.

A pariah leader is hardly what Ukraine needs now when it is in such a poor economic and social condition.

……..Ah well, it wasn’t an unexpected event…..we’ll see how it plays out.

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