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Yanukovych declared winner by 3.48% of the vote……and will it change my life?

February 10, 2010

Well, dear readers the CEC has declared Yanukovych winner by 3.48% of the vote…….and of course Tymoshenko has yet to concede defeat…….possibly calling “foul”……despite the foreign observes saying all was “hunky dorey”…… things going as expected.

In my last post I said I would go into the numbers……..but then I said I would do that yesterday and then the internet provider proved to be as reliable as a paper bag containing 4 gallons of water…….and failed on me yet again.

So as yet, although Yanukovych has won…..pending challenges or capitulation by Tymoshenko….I am not going to go into the statistics today.

Whilst without the internet, I got to thinking why I have chosen to live out with all the rich folks who suffer from a single internet provider, continual water being turned off, electricity off etc etc…… new houses are being built and connected……..whilst the apartments I rent out suffer from none of this crap!

It is nice to live by the sea, have security everywhere, everything swept clean all the time and have neighbours so full of themselves that they don’t interfere with you because they don’t really know if you are more or less powerful than they are, but they don’t really want to find out just in case it knocks them down the pecking order of the street. 

The privacy is wonderful and of course if there were no disruptions on a weekly basis of the utilities, it would be an almost heavenly hermatic existance…….but I have become tired of the utilities continually being turned off…….and the financial crisis has slowed the finishing of this “community” right down to the point where I can see another 3 years or so of the utilities being continually cut off as people slowly finish what they have started.

Therefore, I am toying with the idea of selling 2 houses I have here and buying either a top of the range apartment……maybe penthouse, maybe not……either in the city or in Arcadia, plus a cheap apartment in either the city or Arcadia for rental as well…….meaning I will live in a luxury……possibly penthouse, maybe not……apartment, either in the city centre or Arcadia and also add another apartment for rent to the ones I already have.  

I will probably give up getting involved in “passing projects” other than the ones I am already committed too aswell.  Once they are completed, then I can give up cigars, get a pipe and rocking chair and retire properly which was my intention 5 years ago.

I can’t say that Yanukovych winning has changed my life…..yet……although one of the “passing projects” I am involved in is for him and doesn’t really start until May…….if he had lost then it wouldn’t have happened……so he has changed my life, assuming he acually takes office……..or at least he will change it for about 18 months until I can hand it off to “his people” completely.

Anyway, for the moment I am deliberating and slightly favouring living more centrally to the city from where I am now……..but we will see.

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