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Lets hope it goes off well……but not with a bang!

February 7, 2010

Well dear readers, as you know, today is election day here……and there appears to have been two seperate incidents of arrests concerning people carrying bombs and explosives.

Ukraine’s State Secret Service (SBU) agents on Feb. 5 arrested a 42 year-old man in downtown Kyiv on Independence Square. The man was carrying an undisclosed amount of the high explosive trotyl and electronic detonators, the SBU said. The SBU has opened a criminal case and is investigating whether the man had intended to commit criminal activities during mass meetings in Kyiv during the last day of the presidential campaign. SBU Chief Valentyn Nalivaychenko on the SBU’s website has appealed to Ukrainians to be on their guard. “Please help us if you see anything out of the ordinary at mass political meetings. It is your right to attend the gatherings, but don’t let down your guard. Report any suspicious-looking activities to law-enforcement officials,” Nalivaychenko said. 

Police reported on Feb. 6 that they have arrested a Donetsk Oblast resident in Kyiv’s Pechersk district carrying 400 grams of explosive and two electronic detonators.

This is the second arrest report by Ukraine’s law-enforcement agencies.

Quite off putting as bombs are normally reserved for the “business elite” in “takeovers” here……not normal folks!

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