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Well, you know I predicted chaos as the election result……..

January 29, 2010

Well dear readers, as you will know from a previous post last week I predicted chaos as the likely victor in the Ukrainian elections.

Today at 12:32 | Ukrainian News The Internal Troops of the Internal Affairs Ministry have taken the Ukraina printing and publishing house, which prints ballot papers for the presidential elections, under protection, head of the press service of the Main department of the Internal Affairs Ministry’s Internal Troops, Svitlana Pavlovska, said.

The militaries of the Internal Troops took the duty at 10:00 am, Jan. 28.

Pavlovska said that the militarily to protect the enterprise, have passed considerable training.

As reported, President Victor Yushchenko has urged the Internal Affairs Ministry to provide protection of the Ukraina printing and publishing house.

Why has this been done?…….Because of a running battle between supporters of Yanukovych and Tymoshenko coming to blows and hurling smoke grenades……or tear gas……depending on whose version of events you want to believe…….trying to gain control of the building where the election ballot papers are generated!

Add this to the “coup” of dismissing Luzenko as Interior Minsiter by one party……then him being appointed First Deputy Minister to that department and therefore continuing to run it in the absense of a Minister by the other…….. and the shenanigans and violence are just beginning.

“Chaos” will be most definitely be the winner of this election now and any result will be subjected to long drawn out battles in the courts………this much is as certain as me drinking green tea tomorrow……which is all but guaranteed.

The winner will be whichever political faction can buy or control the Central Election Committe and the Interior Ministry (judges and police) in a nutshell.

Sometimes I hate it when I’m right…..but I will continue to predict that chaos will rule supreme after 7 February…….intermingled with serious bribery, corruption, civil unrest and mis-information…….for at least 4 or 5 months.

The eventual winner, whoever it may be, may or maynot have been the winner and whomever will take the position…….eventually……..will be considered by half the nation to have got there by foul deeds, even if they have not. 

It is now completely irrelevant who the winner is or any policy they may have, as none will be able to say they have the mandate of the people……if they care……which I very much doubt.

Yes, I know, what else is new!


Keeping your friends close…………..

January 29, 2010

Well dear readers, some of you will have heard of a chap called Mr Lutsenko……but most of you will have heard about him because of alligations of drunken brawls in german airports.

Anyway, Mr Lutsenko is a fierce ally to Ms Tymoshenko…….well you would be if you were in charge of the Interior Ministry and therefore the police…….she wouldn’t give that job to just anyone now would she?

Anyway, poor old Mr Lutsenko lost his job as Interior Minister yesterday after being voted out of office in the RADA…….much to the annoyance of Ms Tymoshenko of course with an election inside a week.

Ukraine’s parliament onJan. 28fired the country’s interior minister, a powerful ally of prime minister and presidential hopeful Yulia Tymoshenko just 10 days before election day.

The initiative to fire Yury Lutsenko was raised by the parliamentary faction loyal to Tymoshenko’s opponent in the Feb. 7 vote, Victor Yanukovych.

Tymoshenko reacted by appointing Lutsenko to the post of acting interior minister, neutralizing the move. Parliament has no power to fire acting ministers, meaning little has changed.

Control over the police could prove decisive if unrest follows the election. Following a vote judged to be fraudulent in 2004, police allowed the Orange Revolution — a huge, peaceful protest on a central square in Kiev. Ralliers forced authorities to cancel vote results in favor of Yanukovych, paving the way for a revote and election of Victor Yushchenko, the outgoing incumbent.

Lutsenko said in televised remarks that his initial ouster was a precursor to vote fraud.

Of course this is Ukraine and that is really no big deal for now as Ms Tymoshenko has decided he will continue to lead the Interior Ministry as “First Deputy Minister” for the Interior………

Today at 12:56 | Reuters Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said on Jan. 28 that her interior minister, sacked by parliament earlier, would continue to head the ministry as its first deputy.

Parliament dismissed Yuri Lutsenko in a motion led by the Regions Party of Victor Yanukovych — who will face Tymoshenko in a runoff vote for president on Feb.7.

“Today at a government meeting, Lutsenko will be named the first deputy, the acting head and he will head the interior ministry,” she was quoted by local agencies as saying on a campaign trip out of Kyiv.

So, the only changes made by this effort in the RADA relate to the poor bugger who has to make a new plaque for Mr Lutsenko’s desk!

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