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Town Planners, Civil Engineers and Utilities!

January 27, 2010

Well dear readers, apologies for the absense over the past few days but I have been without the internet!

How can this be when I live out in Sovenon (millionaires row).

Well what can I say?  There is only one internet provider which reaches Sovenon, despite it being full of rich folks who claim to be influential.

This internet provider does it’s business through the same dish as Sat TV stations rather than a hard physical line………despite the fact that here the gas lines, electrical lines, phone lines, waste pipes, water pipes and everything else you can think of is underground unlike elsewhere in the city.

Why there is no Cat 5, Cat5e or Cat 6 internet connection running underground here when all the other stuff was put in I have no idea…….other than sort-sightedness of the town planners, civil engineers and utilitity companies.

I do not care about this internet provider having the monopoly here, welcome to Ukraine, but there are a lot of p*ssed off rich folks who are about to sue their arse after being without the internet for 3 days……when contractually they have only 48 hours to put it right!

Normal service resumed tomorrow……if the bloody internet is still working then.

(No wise cracks about me being a civil engineer either people…..All right!!!)

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