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The problem with democracy and politics is………

January 24, 2010

Well dear readers, Mr Yushenko, the outgoing President of Ukraine has blamed populism for his gaining only 5% of the nations vote in the election…..

“It is not my course that has lost, it is populism that has won,” Yushchenko said in an interview on Ukraine’s Inter TV channel.

Well, who would have thought that not keeping a single promise from his election campaign in 2004 would have made people making other promises to put right what he failed to do…….popular!  (Even if nobody believes those making the new promises).

You see, it is all very well being democratic and relying on a popular vote to keep you in power if the population agrees with what you are doing and if you manage to keep and deliver even half of what you say you will in any term of office……at least then you can say you delivered, “a, b and c” and “x, y and z” are still work in progress but we at stage “p” in their implimentation in a subsequent campaign……..but when you promise much and deliver nothing…….populism will get you thrown out every time……even if your failures don’t.

Whilst Mr Yushenko may not have lost his course, as he puts it, you can only stick doggedly to a course without considering the populus in an autocracy without free elections……because you will always be returned to power in order to get around to delivering those awkward and uncomfortable promises you made to first get you into power……at some point.

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