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The Fog Of War…….and the two biggest propoganda machines of WWII

January 23, 2010

Well dear readers, as some of you are aware, yesterday was “Ukrainian Unity Day”…….yeh, I know, looking at the voting in the elections last week Ukraine is about united as North and South Korea, but that is besides the point.

So, with an outgoing nationalistic president and a complete misnomer such as Ukrainian Unity Day something contentious was bound to happen……..and it did!

President Yushenko decided to postumously award a historical gent called Stephan Bandera the title of “Hero of Ukraine”… award he also gave to Banders’s living grandson yesterday……maybe it is hereditary, as to my knowledge Bandera’s grandson has done little worthy of note to warrant such an award.

The problem with this is……..on Ukraine Unity Day…….it is a very divisive thing to do.

As you will see, opinion about Stephan Bandera……like politics and language here…….is split East and West in Ukraine so whilst the timing of this award is welcomed in West Ukraine it is not the case in East Ukraine.

Bandera of course was subject to the propoganda machine of the Nazi’s and the USSR…….both very powerful and active……so the truth about Bandera has to be looked at subjectively as to what was said about him by either……..and neither were known for telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I have no opinion over the man to be honest, all of his actions were unltimately pointless in the grand scheme of things and went nowhere to creating a sovereign nation at the time or brought it any closer timewise.  Ukraine’s independence when it arrived, was not arrived at by bloodshed, terrorism, propoganda, coup or anything internally within Ukraine…….but by the collapse of the USSR.  More by accident than design if we are honest about it.

This is something for the historians to squabble over and children in schools to doodle over when waiting to get out of a lesson.  It really does nothing to change Ukrainian history in the grand scheme of things but of course it will further polarise the views of todays Ukrainians at the time when the electorate are voting along East/West lines once again.

For certain on Ukrainian Unity Day it will not do anything to help unite Ukraine.


There is going out with a bang……and then there is clinging on with a bang!

January 23, 2010

Well dear readers, as has always been the case, Ukraine’s biggest enemy is Ukraine……..or rather the leaders of Ukraine.

“There will be problems with the transfer of power” after the runoff, Tigipko, 49, said in an interview in Kiev today. “That may be prolonged for a certain period of time. Yushchenko has proved he is not afraid of tough decisions and he can introduce a state of emergency. I still want to believe that this won’t happen and that the loser in the runoff will accept defeat.”

I can’t remember Yushenko making a tough decision in the 5 years he has been President……in fact I can only remember him shying away from obvious decisions which needed…….and still need…….to be made.

However, declaring a state of emergency is a decision that I can believe he can make if it means he can cling to power longer and over-ride what law and order does actually exist……simply because it serves his personal interests to do so……like all the other decisions he has made…….or not made.

I am glad I posted about Ukraine standing a chance of failing as a State yesterday…….seems I am not the only one to think there is that very real possibility either.

There is also the question of whether the army would even follow Yushenko’s decree as he is to be an ex-President.  Fortunately the Ukrainian army is not…….speaking as an ex-military bod myself…….capable of enforcing a State of Emergency on a national scale……..but I bet life in Kyiv would be interesting.      

Sometimes it pays to be a provincial country bumpkin deficating in the streets for the amusement of passing tourists in the hope of a few Kopeks!

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