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January 6, 2010

Dear readers, I have yet to thank you all for your loyalty since this obsession blog of mine came into creation…….so before the New Year gets underway and manners escape me, I thank you one and all for your indulgence.

To give you insight into many things, including things Slavic, I would like to take this opportunity to itroduce you to the blog of an excellent gentleman called Charles Crawford.  Charles is a gentleman with whom I have exchanged a few personal emails and with whom I have many opinions in common…….so do not expect a radical departure from the political bias…….but do expect to read posts in a far more educated and intellectually argued manner. 

Charles has held several Abassador posts for the UK over the years, including Moscow and Poland durinf times when things were not as settled as they are now.  His blog is first rate.

I would also introduce to you the blog of Leigh Turner, the current UK Abassador for Ukraine who was an understudy to Charles in the Moscow days.

Of course, whilst Charles is no longer with the FCO and I have never been with the FCO…….we may be a little more loose with our opinion than poor Leigh, who may casue a diplomatic incident as currently serving Ambassador for Ukraine.

(That said, if Leigh wished to get something off of his chest via this blog and a pseudonym, he would be more than welcome to do so.)

I hope these to enlightened gentlemen will cast some light in the shadows of the diplomatic games we play.

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