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The last day for opinion polls in Ukraine

January 2, 2010

The media are prohibited by Ukrainian law from reporting the results of public opinion polls for the Ukrainian presidential election, starting from Jan. 2 until election day on Jan. 17.

This is stipulated in a statement posted by the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting on its Web site on December 30, which foresees the coverage of the presidential election campaign by Ukrainian television and radio companies.

“We draw attention of media of all forms of ownership operating in Ukraine, to the fact that it is prohibited to report the results of public opinion polls regarding candidates for the Ukrainian presidency in the last fifteen days before election day,” reads the statement.

The presidential election in Ukraine will be held on Jan. 17, with a likely runoff between the top two finishers on Feb. 7. The final publicly reported poll before the first round was conducted from Dec. 18-24. – Interfax – Ukraine

Errrrm – well of course opinion polls are banned from being published from 2 weeks before an election in Ukraine…… else can anyone explain away a massive polls swing without a media blackout on such information.  Doh!!

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