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Ahhh the weapons of war……..

December 13, 2009

This seems to be a bit of a foregone conclusion.

If Russia wants to buy the boat and France will sell it then it is a sone deal.

If France doesn’t sell one, then Russia can buy the licence and build one from France…….with nobody knowing.

If France doesn’t do either, Russia will build their own version……as the only secret in the world today…….is that there are no secrets.

Nothing will stop Russia improving or expanding it’s existing navy…….just as nothing stops Georgia, Ukraine, the US, UK, or any other nation……..apart from money that it.

In the end, it will happen if Russia wants to pay to do it, be it a French purchase or their own new development.

Anyone who has been to international arms sales will see Russian, Ukrainian, French, British, German, American equipment big and small on sale and on display next to each other, be it aircraft, radar, ships, guns, tanks, missile systems etc etc.

Does anyone really think that 2 of the worlds top 5 weapons and arms producers would not want to buy from each other and keep the arms race going?

The fact it is a NATO member selling to Russia is somewhat irrelivant if the European defence/security deal happens as Russia would be a part of it…….making it part of a European (and therefore mostly NATO) recognised military establishment.

Time will tell, but it does seem an impossibility to stop any sovereign nation buying or building a new boat for their navy…….even if the neighbours are not keen.

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