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President v Parliament

December 12, 2009

Now there is an interesting debate.

It is quite clear that the Presidential/Parliamentary system in Ukraine does not work……at the moment.

This however is down to the animosity between Yushenko and Tymoshenko and the childish antics of Party of regions forever blocking the working of the RADA.

A return to Presidential rule would, as this guy states, provide clear direction and accountability…….however……the parliament in the way it is structured and the immunity of those within…….would also do an equally good job if it was allowed to function like other parliaments around the world.

If the consitution was clear cut, maybe it would be possible to have both…….which is why the constitution needs amending to clearly define the roll and responsibilities of president and parliament which it currently fails to do.

Regardless of the “rights and wrongs” and what will come to pass in the future…….it isn’t very often you read a man as well known as this guy clearly saying he was wrong in these here parts!

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