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An Economic Saviour Arrives In Ukraine…….

October 27, 2009

Well dear readers, it seems someone has had the answer to the financial crsis all along……..

Opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych, the frontrunner ahead of the next presidential election, on Monday said his plan of pulling economy out of recession includes sweeping tax cuts and attracting foreign investments.

The measures, which are supposed to be in place for the next 10 years – or two five-year presidential terms – are aimed at helping Ukraine to enter the list of the world’s top 20 economies. – Ukrainian Journal


So you borrow $16 billion from the IMF and make guarnatees of reform and payments to them.  Mr Yanukovych and party of Regions force through increases in social welfare which are not agreed by the IMF or incorporated in the budget plans agreed with the IMF………and then when you take power……..which he stands a far better than average chance of doing……….he will cut taxes so the IMF do not get their repayments………and that will increase inwards investment?

Yep………that’ll work!


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