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Ukraine’s future lays in Europe – Tymoshenko

October 25, 2009

Well dear readers, seems Tymoshenko has made the first serious policy/direction speech from the 2 most likely to be in the final round of voting.

Wisely for her, although she and many may believe Ukraine’s future lays within Europe, she does not state Ukraine will join the EU…….as it is unlikely to expand again during the next 5 years (apart from Iceland……which is more f*cked than Ukraine) even if Ukraine did meet EU standards……..which it doesn’t.

So she is not promising EU membership during what could be her first term as President.  Very wise as it really is not her decision.

I do expect that Ukraine will sign the Eastern European Associate status deal with the EU within 12 months though……..not that it will make any difference to the average EU or Ukrainian citizen…….in fact it won’t even annoy Russia…… it really makes little difference to the way things are now.

Anyway, a theological political statement with no promises…….sounds like a very “EU statement” to me…..are we sure Ukraine didn’t join quietly and nobody was told?

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