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October 16, 2009

Russia: Immigration Bulletin – Changes in Registration of Foreign Citizens Entering Russia Submitted by Kasia Pinska on October 15, 2009

Federal Migration Service has issued the Order on July 6, 2009 ‘About execution of the Administrative regulation of Federal Migration Service (FMS), specifying exact internal procedure of immigration registration in Russian Federation’ which came into force on October 9, 2009.

The Administrative regulation defines the terms of administrative procedures of FMS as well as other immigration authorities regarding registration arrangements for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship, and withdrawal from immigration registration in Russian Federation.

Order from July 6, 2009 voided the Order of FMS from July 7, 2008 # 181 ‘About implementation of the form of stamp applied for immigration registration’ and has implemented new form of acknowledgment of registration. New stamp defined by new the Order will include from now on the registration number.

Further change is connected with the de-registration procedure. Until now FMS and other appointed immigration divisions accepted a detachable part of registration (de-registration) without provision of any kind of proof of the fact that foreigner or the representative of the foreigner truly submitted registration for withdrawal, and therefore, there was no confirmation that administrative regulation has been observed in good faith.

The above ‘gap’ in the administrative regulation regarding immigration registration has been identified and will be eliminated by the Order from July 6, 2009. The clause 64 stipulates the right of an inviting party (company which invited the foreigner) to receive a confirmation of completed de-registration procedure for a foreigner – the letter – written confirmation from FMS or territorial subdivisions` officials (Appendix # 6 by Administrative regulation).

Both registrations and de-registrations will be entered into the book of registrations, which in turn will be entered into electronic common database accessible by all divisions of FMS as well as by statistic bodies and tax authorities.

Additional change has been introduced regarding FMS responsibilities. In accordance with the clause 62 of given Administrative regulation the territorial department of FMS which carried out immigration registration, will be responsible to send notifications to the territorial tax authorities within ten days and to statistics authorities within one month since the moment of immigration registration.

Changes are the effect of government policy to implement the so-called functions ‘total governmental control’ for reaching the high-level of immigration control system and common database for FMS, territorial subdivisions, and tax authorities, aiming towards severe control in regards to foreign work force in Russian Federation.

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