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New Anti-Corruption Laws Should Be Delayed – Ukraine

October 12, 2009

The introduction of a package of laws on the fight against corruption could block the work of the courts, and their introduction should be postponed, Head of the Supreme Court of Ukraine Vasyl Onopenko said at a press conference in Kyiv on Thursday.

Onopenko said that on January 1, 2010 the law on strengthening the fight against corruption comes into force, according to which it would be impossible to use non-state funds for the material and technical needs of courts.

“The law on the struggle against corruption comes into force on January 1. and there will be trouble with corruption,” he said.

According to him a paradox is that “the state creates conditions under which it is practically impossible to work, but at the same time it [the state] deals out punishment.”

According to him, the introduction of this law, which automatically distributes court cases, could cause problems, because if the work of this system is violated judges do not have the right to interfere in its work. Moreover, he said that there would be trouble with the renting of buildings for courts, as this should be paid for by the state, while the state budget doesn’t foresee any funds for this.

“We understand how serious this is. That’s why it is necessary to postpone the actions of these laws,” Onopenko said.



Well there you have it…….the introduction of new anti-corruption laws will make a mess of the court and legal system and leave it unable to work……..very similar to the existing corrupt system then.

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