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Ukraine’s Bridge To Nowhere?………Not Quite, But Maybe For Somebody

October 11, 2009

Well, dear readers, who remember’s Sarah Palin and “The Bridge To Nowhere” bullsh*t in Alaska when she supported it, then didn’t blah blah blah?…….Sarah Palin…….Palin…….No, not Monty Python Palin…….the woman from America…….oh well, no matter, she was famous for a few weeks last year in the USA.


As you are no doubt aware……..actually no you are probably not……..Ukraine has a very f*cked up system whereby the parliament will agree a budget………which subsequently has to be signed off and agreed by the President…… if the entire parliament of over 400 MP’s is happy with a budget……..the President can still say “No” just to be a twat…….and of course the current President has turned out to be a complete twat as his popularity ratings show.

This year of course, it is different for 2 reasons………firstly the government, having borrowed nearly half the personal wealth of Rinat Akhmetov from the IMF…….yes, as much as nearly half his personal wealth………the IMF have assisted in the drawing up of the budget.


Secondly, there is of course, the Presidential election in January……..and when you are a President with 3% popularity rating, you need to buy your votes from somewhere with political stunts and promises.  Of course, after 5 years of broken promises, it is damned hard to convince anyone you will go through with any new ones but I suppose you have to try…….particularly when the problems you are now promising to solve have existed throughout your Presidency and during that time you didn’t give a toss!

As normal, I have digressed slightly…… back to the bridge in question.

Now the IMF and parliament have come up with a budget which just about suits both Ukraine and the IMF…….(more chance of getting married to the woman you met on a Marriage Agency website than Ukraine sticking to it…….so the IMF, like the man paying $100’s per month to speak with Nastia, when it is really Vova writing to him, is in for a big surprise soon enough)……..and what does our current President do? 

Dearest Peter, it is me, Nastia, I have just got to my computer after a shower and thought I would write to you......

Dearest Peter, it is me, Nastia, I have just got to my computer after a shower and thought I would write to you......

He decides he will not sign off the budget as he wants funds in the budget for a bridge over the Dnipro and to resurface the road over the Dnipro Hydro Electric Dam……both of which have needed doing throughout his 5 year term in office…..but of course his arse was not about to be catapulted out of office until now.

Zaporizhia, October 10 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko has said that he would not sign the law on the national budget for 2010 if the budget does not contain the financing of bridges being built over the Dnipro River and funds for repair work on the road across the Dnipro hydroelectric power station dam, he said speaking on the Day of Zaporizhia on October 10.

The president said that he signed a decree on October 9, where he instructed the cabinet to find the funds for the construction of bridges and reconstruction of the road across the Dnipro hydroelectric power station dam.

“I won’t sign the 2010 budget, which would not foresee the financing of the objects,” he said.

As reported, the draft budget for 2010 does not foresee funds for the building of two new bridges over the Dnipro River in Zaporizhia.

Over UAH 30 million is needed to repair the road across the Dnipro hydroelectric power station dam.

I  have no idea why he would want to upset the IMF or the parliamentary budget for 2010…….NOT. 

This is one last swan song from a President intent on bringing Ukraine to its knees with immense political turmoil prior to the next Presidential election.

Is it going to be a vote winner in Zaporizhia for him?  Highly unlikely.  I would put money on it that he hasn’t even been there more than 10 times in 5 years since becoming President. 

Zaporizhia is in Party of Regions territory too…….so he would be as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit any time he visited anyway!

Can I smell an Orangeman in Regions Country?

Can I smell an Orangeman in Regions Country?

To my reckoning he has less than 3 months before a defeat in the election which would make the Dunkirk Landings look like an absolute crushing victory for the Allies.

However, if he does manage to stop the budget by being a twat, I would just like to say to him that the budget is based upon many things including my tax revenue.  In class=”mceItemHidden”> order to fulfill the budget, I want my road resurfacing, and the Sherama stand on the end of Ilfa Petrova open 24/7, 365 days a year…….not because I use it……..just because I want it to be open…….and if you do not do it, then I won’t pay my taxes and f*ck up your budget so you can’t build the bridge……..yes Mr Yushenko, I know that makes me a twat and holds Ukraine’s budget to ransom……..but we can all be a twat if we want to be!!

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