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As Requested By A Reader In A Comment From Yesterday’s Post……Permanent Residency Rules

October 3, 2009

As requested by a regular reader, there are certain specific rules for Permanent Residency in Ukraine.  There are various routes which can be taken which I will outline………because he is a regular reader…….and I need all the regular readers I can get.

The first way is to buy your Ukrainian citizenship from Ukraine for $100,000. 

Now the Constitution does ban the holding dual nationality, however Ukrainian law and the ratified EU Charter Ukraine is signed up too allows dual citizenship.  This “grey area” is exploited by many Ukrainians at all levels, including the top business people and politicians who hold several national passports. 

As one very wealthy businessman I know here said, “You would be a fool not to take advantage of this”…….he holds a few passports!

The second way is to marry a Ukrainian national.  This provides you with indefinite leave to remain through the Family Code of Ukraine from the second you get married.  Of course this is at odds with the Customs and Borders rulings dictated by other laws and the OVIR, so once married you can stay………but unless you do not leave Ukraine for 2 years, then there maybe some issues when leaving and re-entering even if married to a Ukrainian.  There is no standard enforcement either, some will wave you through at the border when they see the marriage stamp others will not.

After 2 years of being married to a Ukrainian, you can apply for Permanent Residency, which is now a blue passport type document showing usual passport details and your registered address in Ukraine.  The photograph needs updating every 10 years, but apart from that, when you have it, there is no more Visa, border, registration issues.

This same document is available to you before 2 years of marriage if you are the parent or guardian of a Ukrainian citizen, immediately after the child is born (during pregnancy you cannot apply) or immediately upon becoming the legal guardian of a Ukrainian citizen.  The adoption process can take up to 1 year and you have to attend the court decisions, a lawyer cannot do that for you in you absence, although they can obviously do everything legal and attend the court also……you simply have to be physically present in the court room even if you say or understand nothing.

These are the most common and legal routes to remain in Ukraine for unlimited periods without the OVIR hassles.  Permanent Residency Passports are issued by the OVIR as opposed to National Passports which are issued by Cabinet Passport Stol which is a Militsia section of the establishment.

Then of course this is Ukraine…….meaning there are other routes available…….which are accessible to me…….but obviously cannot be written here…….suffice to say it is not difficult to stay here and never leave and have all paperwork in order…….although there is always a price!

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