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And Now For Something From Odessa……You Can’t Beat A Free Press…..Or Maybe You Can…..Quite Literally

September 30, 2009

Well dear readers, here is an article from the Committee to Protect Journalists relating to Odessa……


TV crew violently attacked at a protest rally in Ukraine

New York, September 29, 2009—The Committee to Protect Journalists is alarmed by the violent attack on the crew of an opposition Russian-language news channel in Odessa, and urges Ukrainian authorities to thoroughly investigate the incident.

Today, several unidentified men attacked ATV cameraman Dmitry Dokunov and reporter Olesya Klintsova when they approached a group for an interview at a protest rally outside a local court that was hearing a case against the station, news Web site Lenta reported. The attackers broke Dokunov’s camera and slashed his wrist with a knife when he tried to retrieve his equipment. Klintsova was hit in the head with a heavy object, Lenta said. Police officers present at the rally did not intervene, an ATV video report shows.

Dokunov remains hospitalized after a four-hour-long surgery; Klintsova was diagnosed with a concussion, ATV staffers told CPJ. Galina Vygovskaya, the station’s editor, said local police qualified the attack as a robbery and opened an investigation.

“We condemn the violence against Dmitry Dokunov and Olesya Klintsova, and strongly urge Ukrainian authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice,” said CPJ Europe and Central Asia Program Coordinator Nina Ognianova. “Authorities should investigate why police officers present at the protest rally did not move to stop the assault on these journalists.”

ATV channel supporters and opponents gathered today outside an Odessa administrative court, which was reviewing a lawsuit authorities filed in 2007 against the broadcaster that aimed to withdraw its license, local press reported. (The hearing was postponed until October 20 because a judge was ill.) According to Vygovskaya, the state broadcasting agency, the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council, has been trying to shut down ATV because of its critical position toward nationalist groups and local and national authorities.

According to the independent news Web site Rosbalt-Ukraina, Dokunov filmed a high-ranking police officer outside the court talking to a group of young men, reportedly members of a Ukrainian nationalist movement. These were the same men who attacked the ATV journalists at a protest later that day, Dokunov said.


Sounds terrible doesn’t it?   Unfortunately, the video doesn’t actually show what it purports to show.  You don’t actually see the incident as it would make you believe.  With stage managed political raids, incidents and the like happening here all the time, it seems to me the authors of this piece have not done their homework about Odessa or Ukraine. 


What do I mean?  Well, because they say it happened how it happened, even if they are journalists…..which I would actually go to great lengths to verify……far greater than the CPJ…… doesn’t mean that any of it is true.  Ukraine news is full of stage managed stunts for political gain every month with even more convincing footage than this.

How would this be political?  Because parties involved in this dispute are owned by political figures like all Ukrainian media is. 

The CPJ look like they have run the story with no clue as to how the media is run, manipulated and stage managed in Ukraine.  There will be no independent, non-politically aligned witnesses to the actual event no doubt, as it is only a 50/50 chance it happened as claimed, if it has happened at all.

Add this to the general journalistic ability of the press in Ukraine……..which is equal to that of a malignant tumor growing on the arse of a dung beetle and you have some idea of the standard and independence of the media and reporting here.


Still, it will give the CPJ something to write about…….rather than journalistic repression in Zimbabwe, Sudan, Tibet or Palistine where journalists have a very easy time of course.

Naughty old Odessa……naughty old Ukraine, you would think it is not going to have a pro-USA President soon and this will effect the independence and reliability of the news coming out of Ukraine…….well, you would think it if you didn’t live here anyway.  If you lived here, you would know that this story, and half of the news coming out of Ukraine is either complete bull-shit, partial bull-shit or simply banner and tag headlines without corroboration of any investigative journalism at all.

Next week I am thinking of smacking my own nose and then after the event, running into a TV station saying that it happened after photographing an undercover CIA agent in Odessa plotting to steal the recipe for Borsh.  I know I will get the coverage on TV and I know nobody will do any investigation into my claims before, during or even after it has been reported…… maybe there will be a video clip of me next week and a long article about it too.


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