I Thought I Was Supposed To Be Retired!!!

August 4, 2009

Well dear readers, it seems I will be busy for a few more days yet……..so much for retirement!!

With one deal all but closed……the usual “personal interests” signed off yesterday…….so the formal contracts issued today…….I get a call from a major competitor of one of the parties involved in the deal which will should close in the next 48 hours trying to get a piece of the action……

There is a Slavic saying in business which is “everyone has to eat”.  That does not necessarily mean deal with more than one supplier……but it also means another supplier will meet the terms…….as long as the “personal interests” are the same too.

I have to say though, the “personal interest” fees are probably more over the period of the contracts than some small nations GDP!!!

So…….what the hell……will now be busy this week closing 2 deals instead of one.  Hopefully though, by Saturday, both will be done and normal service will be resumed.


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