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I Blame The Mongol Empire As Does History – But Apparently President Yushenko Thinks I’m Wrong!

July 26, 2009

Well dear readers, what to say about this?

My Dad always said to me, unless you want a heated debate, stay away from politics and religion……and what ever you do, never mix the two because it will simply polarise everybody involved and debate will erode into affray.

Now, obviously, he said that to me many times when I was young…..and as Winston Churchill said, “If you were not a liberal when you were young, you had no heart.  If you are not a conservative when you get old, you have no brains”……so being of a more liberal disposition when he told me these words of great wisdom, I tended to ignore it……such is the impertinence of youth.

And of course, Winston Churchill was right too……as you get older, you tend to want to conserve the morals and dogmas from days gone by…..rather than be subjected by the liberalism in the hearts of today’s youth which is abrasive to our once liberal…..when we were younger……now conservative as we are older, views…..but our views are now slightly “passe” idealisms for today’s youth.

Anyway, going back to what my Dad said about never mixing politics and religion as all it does is polarise people to the point of maladjusted positions or impasse in their views where there is absolutely no room for compromise or even discussion……it would seem, good old Viktor Yushenko, President (and politician in the loosest possible sense) could have learnt from my Dad as I did…….as he is now intent on interfering in the Orthodox Church.

Somewhere way back in my posts, there is a summary of the history of the Orthodox Church in this region……the fact that Orthodoxy in Ukraine and Russia was once under the guardianship of Constantinople…….which is obviously not even Slavic, let alone Ukrainian or Russian…….and a regional HQ was set up in Kyiv……only to be relocated to Moscow when the pesky Mongol’s were running around raping, pillaging and murdering……the move, to ensure the continuance of the Orthodoxy in this region.

Eventually Constantinople was overrun and because the Orthodoxy HQ had been relocated to Moscow out of the way of the pesky little Mongol’s……the orthodoxy of the region became autonomous and 100% self governing…….and simply due to the location of the HQ in Moscow at this particular time, it became the Russian Orthodox Church and not Ukrainian Orthodox Church…..thanks to the Mongol Empire……and not a conspiracy of the Church, or Russia or Ukraine. 

A fuller post is on this blog relating to Orthodoxy in these parts……somewhere……so use the search facility if you are that interested!

So, as I said, the Ukrainian President, with an election looming……in which he will be thoroughly spanked……has decided to interfere with the Orthodox Church.  Obviously this will solidify his “hard core” nationalist vote……but it will do nothing for unity of the patriotic vote……Yes dear Mr Yushenko, there is a massive difference in being a Patriot to being a Nationalist!!

What has the President said then?  Well, very shortly, Patriarch Krill, leader of the Russian Orthodox Church visits Ukraine…….and the President is going to push him politically to create the Ukrainian Orthodox Church which he states,  “This is a matter of unity of our spiritual life and the entire society. This is a father’s house for all Orthodox Christians in Ukraine…..”

Now of course, that may be true at a certain level…….but for all the catholics in Ukraine…..the Vatican and Roman Catholicism is and always will be centered in Rome.  It is the same for every single Catholic on the face of the planet.  I am a Catholic……when Yushenko went to see the Pope a few weeks ago…..should I have told him to politically lean on the Pope and say he has to create the Ukrainian Catholic Church to “unify my spiritual life and the entire society?”

I am fairly sure the Pope would have found a suitable biblical quote, such as “Go forth and multiply President Yushenko”…….or in other words “Fuck Off”.

Yushenko went on to say, as if he was not interfering “The state doesn’t interfere in church life. But a state which is concerned with the unity of its people cannot stay aside,”…….which is most definitely interfering!!

Take a look at global history Mr Yushenko……interference by the State in religious affairs never ends well.  In the UK we had the persecution of Catholics from the time of Elizabeth I onwards……and the antiquated laws of the UK still prohibit a Catholic monarch……but it led to centuries of sectarian violence which still continue today, attempted plots to blow up the parliament building with all MPs in it by Guy Fawkes and many other instances or major or minor civil unrest.

When adding this new interference in religion to the complete bans on pornography, mainstream films, books being taken out of circulation and banned, a complete ban on gambling, anti Russian and Anti Polish sentiment by some against pro Russian and Pro Polish sentiment by others…..this will further split an already fractured society and further radicalise the “nationalists” against the “patriotic majority”.

If you want an example of how fucking shitty that becomes Mr Yushenko, look at Ireland.  The “Nationalists” have killed and continue to kill people all the time and over the past 30 years have killed thousands…….including those who agree with their views, are of the same religion but are “Patriots” and will not go to the extremes of the “Nationalists” who are prepared and politically motivated to engage in acts most rational Patriots would not. 

There has never been a successful interference by State in religion……it always brings bloodshed and instability……and Mr Yushenko, Ukraine is already divided enough under your policies of “unity”……are you trying to break the camel’s back with this straw?

Is cancelling the elections and your retention of power through “martial law” the European path you declared Ukraine was steadfastly on here last week the same path followed by all who see “divide and conquer” as the way forward?

Mr Yushenko, Ukrainian unity will not be achieved through fucking with religion……it will not be achieved by re-writing history books, or glossing over certain bits in them……it will not be achieved by banning books or films or gambling or pornography.  It will not be delivered by politically stage managed murder suspects appearing from nowhere after 6 years!!

Ukrainian unity will be created by good infrastructure, good living conditions, equality in pay, good pay, the rule of law equally apportioned to everyone, the eradication of corruption, the removal of immunity, the complete and utter impartiality of the judicial system, a working and effective government for the people, of the people and by the people.  In such an environment, political extremism is irrelivant and does not get a foothold.  Being a Ukrainian then becomes something of both national and internation pride……and envied.

In the past 5 years of your time in office you have done absolutely nothing to improve the life of your people……you have been hell bent on getting richer, protecting your interests and those of your friends and inner circle, ramping up rhetoric against those domestic and foreign who question or oppose the few divisive acts and policies you have followed.  The catalogue of failures to fulfill promises in 2004 is beyond comprehension, the policies of further divisiveness are there for all to see.  You have done less for Ukraine and it’s people than Kuchma……and he is not exactly high up on the “Role Model” list for anyone in the Northern Hemisphere.

I am not the only one who thinks you should not apply political pressure or make political statements about religion to Mr Krill…….

“In the meantime, leaders of several public organizations in Ukraine have urged all political parties in the country to observe ‘political silence’ when the head of the Russian Orthodox Church visits Ukraine.

In a letter published on Saturday the leaders of the Ukrainian Foundation for Peace, the Foundation for National and International Security and the White Well charitable organization of old believers called on politicians to refrain from propaganda of ideology and party symbols during Patriarch Kirill’s visit to Ukraine.

The letter signed by the heads of more than sixty public organizations says that politicians should be tolerant and should respect for freedom of conscience of Ukrainian citizens and their freedom of choice when it comes to choosing religious communities and religious outlook.

The letter’s authors also warn against possible political speculations that may appear ‘against the background of vital events for Ukraine.’

“Such attempts have always spoilt the general image of our state and contributed to creating a distorted perception of Ukraine and its open and hospitable people in the eyes of the international public. As a result, the international community has a very low level of respect for Ukraine and its citizens,” activists of public movements told Ukrainian politicians.”

Mr Yushenko, a very wise man……wiser than you and I…….once said “History teaches us that history teaches us nothing”……..It would be nice to see you prove both him and history wrong……just this once!!

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