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You Will Remember Me Telling You About The Odessa Biker Rally…..

July 21, 2009

Well dear readers, you will recall me telling you about the 11th Annual Odessa Biker Rally a month or so ago………..yes you do because you hang on my every word…….YES YOU DO!!!

For once, there is a continuence to a previous post then……as the Odessa rally has been and gone without incident…….it seems not all went so well elsewhere in Ukraine……..

Russian biker expelled from club for giving topless babe sacrilegious ride

15 Jul, 05:17 PM

The Night Wolves, Russia’s largest and best-known motorcyclists’ club, has expelled a member for giving a topless woman a ride on his motorcycle, which was decorated with a religious pendant, news agency reports. “He has repented,” Night Wolves press secretary Alexey Vaits told the agency, “and he says this will be a lesson for him for the future about how to treat holy objects.”

Biker 5

The Icon of Christ Not Made by Hands, which adorned the motorcycle, is a well-known image in the Russian Orthodox Church.

“The girl was standing on Nakhimovsky Square [in Sevastopol, Ukraine],” a witness to the incident stated, “and I didn’t even think she was naked, she had such dense body art, depicting a wolf.”

Club officials were not swayed, however. “A person who placed the Icon of Christ Not Made by Hands on his motorcycle bears responsibility for the holy object, because it is an expression of our ideal, our path, which is what Christ is for us. It is immediately obvious that the enemy of humanity will act through that,” Vaits said. Photographs of the topless girl on the motorcycle, with the icon visible, have appeared on the Internet.

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill recently gave a blessing to the motorcycle club. Last week, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited the club’s Moscow headquarters and gave the club a Russian flag, which members took with them to their international bike show in Sevastopol. The show was timed to coincide with the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Sevastopol from German occupation.

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