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Ukrainian Government Passes Law On Public Morals

June 12, 2009

Well, dear readers………what can I say?

Have a look at this……..

Rada passes bill to protect public morals
The Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine adopted in first reading the bill on amendments and addenda to the Criminal Code of Ukraine concerning protection of public morals.


 The bill proposes amendments to the Criminal Code and introduction of criminal responsibility for violation of laws on protection of public moral through circulation of products of erotic or sexual character; violation of laws on protection of public moral through organization and (or) holding of shows of erotic or sexual character; circulation of products causing damage on public moral and created with involvement of children; organization and (or) holding with participation of children of shows damaging public moral.



Does this mean a ban on Playboy, or strippers……..Will half the TV programming have to be changed because it contains naked women?  Will Russian and Ukrainian music videos be banned because of the raunchiness of their content?

Just in case we are seeing the introduction of a ban on all things “titillating” which come from Ukraine……

naked Ukrainian woman

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