National Speed Limit Changes – Ukraine

April 27, 2009

Now, whilst the government has to “shoe horn” legislation through to try and get more IMF money via executive order from Ms Tymoshenko……..being as dis-functional as it is………the new national speed limits are ratified and announced…….strangely whilst parliament is in recess…….hmmmmmm.

Anyway, the speed limit in all of Ukraine’s cities has been reduced to 60 kph…….which is exactly 37.28 mph.

Still too fast?……….Well, if anyone could actually reach that speed in a Ukrainian city centre they would actually be fairly happy………


I jest not, when I say you will walk faster than the city centre traffic.

The limit for motorways has been raised from 110 kph to 130 kph……..or 68.35 mph to 80.78 mph…….which for a country larger than France legally saves a lot of time on the long stretches between towns and cities here……..

………Well it would, but the only road recognised as a motorway is a 20 minute stretch between Kyiv and Boryspil Airport throughout the entire country. 


All the other hundreds of thousands of kilometers of long, straight, featureless roads between the major towns and cities, are not being recognised as motorways………and remain at 110 kph.


Yep, thanks a lot!!!


  1. If you are married to a Ukrainian then the Family Code of Ukraine means you can stay as long as you are registered until you reach 2 years of marriage when you have the choice of applying for Permanent residency or Ukrainian citizenship. You can extend your OVIR registration every time it runs out without leaving the country. Your passport should have a stamp in it from the ZAKs if you married here which together with your marriage certificate allows you to remain according to the FCU. If you are working here then you will need a Business Visa and Work permit until you get either PR status or citizenship for the 2 year period prior to being able to apply.
    Other than that there is no reason for you to leave if you do not wish to as long as you keep the OVIR and Zecks registrations up to date.
    Hope that helps!

    • Hi,
      Thanks for the reply! As I am registered in a small village (private house) I do not have the ZHAK registration. I do have the stamp in my old passport from City Hall when I got married. I also have the Ukrainian marriage certificate. The OVIR here in Kharkiv seems to follow a different code when it comes to European nationals. I have got the stamp from them and registered where my wife is registered, however they informed my wife that I must leave the country in 3 months and that they will not be able to extend the stay with another stamp! We thought maybe registered with here parents as they live in a different city. Cheers.

  2. Hi There,
    I have registered with OVIR but been told that I will have to leave the country after 180 days. Do you know if there is a way to extend it further without leaving the country? My Ukrainian wife got a terrible headache from this…!!!

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