Most Unlike My Friend!!!

April 13, 2009

Well, I am amazed to be flicking through the English newspapers, catching up with the happenings at home to find an article on a good friend of mine here.

Why am I amazed?

Because he is a very private man who keeps a very low profile……..and it is most unlike him to have articles and photographs of himself and his family splashed all over the mainstream press!

As it happens, I’m meeting him for coffee today…….as I want to borrow his yacht for some corporate entertaining at some point this summer…….and well, corporate entertaining on his yacht, or in a leaky dingy which my meager funds can run too…….which would you chose?


Anyway, I have printed the article for him……as despite it says he speaks “good English”…..that is a bit of poetic licence on behalf of the “press”…….so several coffee’s will be had whilst translation takes place.

I have already blogged about his Hotel…..the Mozart……..so find it and have a read.  If you have a spare Euro 24 Million, then I can negotiate it’s sale with him for you too……….nah, didn’t think you’d have that kind of money……me neither!!!

Anyway, here’s the link:


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