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New Satire Competition – Odessa 2010

April 6, 2009

In honour of the 75th birthday of Mikhail Zhvanetsky…….a particularly famous and funny Russian satirist before, during and after the collapse of the USSR, Odessa today, renamed Arts Boulevard in the City centre Zhvanetsky Boulevard.


What?……..Yes I know he’s Russian and not Ukrainian……but he also happens to be a long standing honorary Odessian…….so that’s why.


Anyway, to all you budding writers out there, next year the first “M.Zhvanetsky Literature Contest For The Best Satiric Work”……not sure if that is a working title…….. is being held…… you have 12 months to come up with something funny all right?

What?……..No, I would leave the translation errors in, just in case you’re not as funny as you think you are, because poor Russian is guaranteed to make the judges laugh……even if unintentionally.

Well…..what are you waiting for?……..Get writing!!



EU Tourist Visa Update – Ukraine

April 6, 2009

Looking at my blog with my “Admin Hat” on……… allows me to see what has brought people to my blog……..bloody clever these computer thingy’s.


Anyway, one of the top search engine hits has been on the proposed dumping of visa-less travel to Ukraine for citizens of the EU and the re-introduction of the Visa system.

What?………No, a decision has not been made yet, but as there has been such interest I feel it appropriate to keep you “up to speed” as promised.

Yesterday Igor Popov, who works directly for the President, stated that it was very likely that the cancellation of visa-less entry would be made before the Prague Summit on 7th May……..although no official commencement date was mentioned.

There is still some debate over whether there will be a requirement for actual Visas or whether there will be a system similar to Egypt whereby you buy your “visa” at the “entry point” to the country.


For those not familiar with the Egyptian system, you arrive at the airport in Egypt, pay at a desk there and are given a “rubber stamp” in your passport and a number of “postage stamps” are also placed inside which prove payment at the point of entry.

The latter idea is not just to be aimed at the EU citizens…….but all foreign citizens to Ukraine who are not members of the CIS (Confederation of Independent States)…..meaning Russia, Moldova and Belarus.  

It seems a decision at least, is likely within the month……although an actual date of commencement has not been muted.

I will let you all know as things develop.


Government U Turn On Electricity Prices – Odessa

April 6, 2009

Well, it was only a few days ago that I blogged about the 76% increase in the price of electricity……..and posed the question as to how long it would be before a political U turn.

Well, just like the very best stunt drivers………the revs have been kept high, the clutch dipped and the handbrake applied whilst yanking the steering wheel around……….and a perfect U turn has been accomplished……leaving the old electricity prices in place and abandoning the new.


……..Well, I did say there was an election coming soon!!

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