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The Continental Hotel – Odessa

April 5, 2009

Well, I still have a large number of hotels, nightclubs and restaurants to comment upon for you dear readers…..I think I can say readers now……as I had 75 yesterday alone…….so thank you one and all!!

What?……Yes I know most of them come to look at the pictures of the ladies……I can see that because my “Admin” facility tells me what has been put into the search engine to find me.

Eh?………Yes I know some of the readers will have trouble with long words……that’s why in England we have newspapers like “The Times”…..for grown-ups and the Daily Sport for those who can only be stimulated by visual representation.


……..Yes, I’m afraid to say it is a daily “newspaper” in the UK.

Anyway, there are no “girly pics” in this post………as the Continental is a 4 Star hotel…… therefore anything involving “girly’s” there, has at the very least, a thin veneer of respectability.

The Continental is to be found on Deribasovskaya in the City Centre.  In 2005 it under went a massive “face lift” and is now a very impressive building both inside and out.


Yes….I know, looks Ok doesn’t it.  Well it should, it was built in the middle of the 19th Century and was designed by the famous….at least in these parts……architect, Mr F.V. Gonsiorovsky.

The hotel, like all Odessa hotels, does not accommodate that many guests……..a total of 32 rooms are available at the Continental…….although the rooms are large……some as big as the average Ukrainian apartment.


The hotel also has it’s own restaurant called “Voyage”………which is pretty damned good……so good I would eat there more often, if I didn’t have 10% discount cards at 2 other restaurants!!


The hotel is orientated not only for the tourist, with it’s own indoor swimming pool, sauna, fitness centre, massage service and solarium…….but is also geared towards the business visitor and provides a 24 hour night menu for those arriving at all hours, VIP service at the airport, car hire, the usual laundry and shoe cleaning services, dry cleaning and will take care of any emergency medical difficulties you may find yourself in…… getting your toe stuck up the tap!!


It also provides a conference room, scanning, copying, internet, secretarial, interpreter and basically a full back-office service to the business traveller…..including assistance with local legal and notarising services, together with a booking and collection service for any train or plane tickets you will require for any on-ward journey.


A Night At The Opera……Or Not!! – “Odessa Styleee”

April 5, 2009

Last night, the wife and I went to Odessa Opera House, to see an opera obviously ……yes, I know, but it’s her way of trying to lift me out of my distinctly average upbringing and make me seem “high brow” and educated! 


Anyway, Saturday evening and the place was fairly full………but not for long. 

As soon as people were sat and tried to read the Opera Programme things became a little “testy”.  

Why?……..Because the programme was written in Ukrainian and not Russian.  


Problem?………This is Odessa and Russian is by far and away the Number 1 language.  If you speak Ukrainian here, you may as well be speaking English, Peruvian or Chinese…….as it is just as understandable to those from Odessa.

(For the past month or so, it has been impossible to go anywhere without seeing stickers on cars or in windows (including my lawyer’s office, which seems to have been completely redecorated in them) or flags stating “Я говорю по-русски”…….no so “PC” for an old school, Jewish lawyer like mine).

The result was that a huge number of the paying audience got up and left before the opera started…….including us………because the programme was written in Ukrainian and an absolute deluge of complaints…….sometimes in very colourful Russian………was made to the Theatre Administration.

Having escaped the opera, I then went to my usual haunts with the wife…..and am subsequently, of course, still part of the “Great Unwashed” having failed to be educated in the finer arts…….once again.


To my absolute amazement, News 24, a national TV channel this morning was covering the story and the Theatre and the “Actors” were in complete agreement that the programmes should be re-written in Russian because outside of Lviv and Kyiv, nobody speaks or understands Ukrainian.

Of course what they mean is, now such a “stink” has been made in Odessa about it, nobody will pay to go and watch it!!

A number of the “paying audience” which left were less than complimentary about the situation when interviewed stating Odessa is Odessa and speaks Russian… want you like in Kyiv, but don’t try and bring it here – paraphrased but that was the jist of it.


My wife, even now, this morning is still “chuntering a bucket full” about it……….and has already called our Jewish lawyer, even though it is early Sunday morning, wanting “Я говорю по-русски” stickers!!!!!

Now, of course, if you are like me, you are wondering what difference the actual programme makes…….seeing as the opera is not performed in either Russian or Ukrainian……..but it has severely “p*ssed off” a lot of people in Odessa………including the one I have to live with!! 


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