Looking for an Odessa Bride? – Bride Parade 24th May

April 3, 2009

Well…….what to say?

This “Bride Parade” thing started in Moscow in 2006…..after I had left Moscow for Odessa.  It has, since then really taken off……as the first ever parade in Moscow consisted of 7 women……but now consists of hundreds!!!

So anyway, Odessa’s very first “Bride Parade” will take place on 24th May and travel the usual bridal “haunts” of “Mother-In-Law’s (Tyoshchin) Bridge” which is at Gogol, Dumskaya Square, Primorsky Boulevard, Theatre Square, Deribovaskaya and Sobornaya Square.


It starts at 1500 and so far there are 50 women taking part.

Now, the original parade was the concept of a “wedding photographer” in Moscow………and I had no idea if the women taking part there were Brides from that year, models wearing wedding dresses………or women looking for a Groom!!!!!


It therefore follows I had to do a little “investigation” into what could either be a parade of beautiful Odessa ladies……who are no longer looking for Mr Right………or something along the lines of a City sponsored “Meat Market”.

Of course, the answer is somewhere in between……..well this is Ukraine!!

In order for a woman to participate, she must firstly register with the………and I quote……..”Respectable Management” before 15th April.


The woman must have her own wedding dress…….which obviously does not mean she has to be married to have one…….in fact, after donning my trilby, dark glasses and long rain coat………no not to expose myself at them like some sad old flasher in the local park……..my covert investigations revealed that there is absolutely no requirement for the woman to be married at all!!!


Entrants are then given a free hair and make-up makeover…….to make them more stunning than they already are……and the majority are already stunning here!!

All are given a photo and video shoot and seemingly the most “camera friendly” can end up with modelling contracts for bridal magazines…….along with offers of other photo shoots no doubt.


I have no doubt that the “Marriage Agency” people will be hovering to get the most attractive ladies to join their websites……..in an effort to alleviate you of a few $ in order to correspond with them……along with the offers from certain other areas of the “tourist industry” to join the books of their “Escort Services”.

What?……..No of course my wife will no be taking part……..but some further investigation on the day may well be required and reports filed away for a later post!!

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