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World Cup Qualifier – England v Ukraine

April 2, 2009

England 2 : 1 Ukraine.

I think I should leave it at that!!


By the way Dad……that’s a £5 you owe me!!!


Ukrainian Electricity Rates Rise 76%

April 2, 2009

Well, as we all know, 1st April is a day for jokes and high jinks throughout the Christian world……..we all remember the BBC each year doing a spoof news item to catch the unwary public off guard……when they were non-political and unbiased…….if you can remember that far back!

Bucking the trend, however, the Ukrainian government decreed that with effect from 1st April, electricty costs for those who use over 400 KW per month will go up from 26 Kopeks per KW to 76 Kopeks per KW…….and they were bloody serious, despite the date it came into effect!!!




Of course, should anyone go over the 400KW , the whole bill will be charged at the higher rate, not just the KW’s used over and above the 400 KW…….obviously!?!!


It is lucky that nobody in Ukraine has been made unemployed or suffered any pay cuts because of the financial crisis and can easily afford to pay an electricity bill increase of 76%……..Not!!!


After all…..if you have been made unemployed, the last thing you would want to do is keep yourself entertained by watching TV…….and running up that electricity bill.  Far better to hang around on street corners feeling angry at the shitty deal the world has just dealt you…….because you have nothing else to do.


I wonder how many angry, unemployed people stood around on street corners it will take for a political “U” turn with an election coming up?


What?……Why is my blog so late today?……..Because I have had no electricity all day today….that’s why.  It is a one day a week occurrence as they update the grid in Odessa……..Oh, I agree, with my electricity being off all day for 5 days per month, the chances of me reaching 400KW are about the same as the hole in my a*se healing over!!!!!


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