UEFA 2012 – Odessa – News Flash!!!

April 1, 2009

Wow – Stop The Press!!!!


Is it really possible that Odessa will host part of the UEFA 2012 football competition?

What?……..No, there has been no official announcement yet, as to who the other two cities….outside of Kyiv and Donesk, who already know they will host the tournament, will be…………BUT………

Yesterday,……..and rather sneakily………the German tour operator Tui Travel and UEFA parachuted into Odessa, well behind enemy lines and seemingly without being noticed by anybody…….and signed agreements with 10 directors of Odessa hotels there and then…..from about 50 hotel representatives present at a meeting……relating to UEFA 2012!!!


What did they sign up too?

Well, they have signed to say that they will guarantee at least 65% of the hotel space for reservations of fans for the football coming via Tui Travel and have guaranteed to meet the standards set by UEFA relating to the fans.  Some offered 90% and a few 100% of the hotel space!!!!!

That’s not all…….Tui Travel are coming back next week to sign up the rest of the hotels too…..and have agreed some kind of deal with the Odessa Marine Trading Port Passenger Terminal about “floating hotels” for this period.

Who are Tui Travel………probably the world’s second biggest tour operator, that’s who……and they came here with UEFA!!!

I am starting to think that there is a better than average chance the football will be coming here……..although this is Ukraine and therefore somebody will piss on my parade of course.


…..In fact I am so excited, a little bit of wee-wee came out!!!

I will keep you posted dear reader……..oh and the rent for my spare room, half board for the summer period in 2012 looks like it will defy the current global financial crisis!!!!



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