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UEFA 2012 – Odessa – News Flash!!!

April 1, 2009

Wow – Stop The Press!!!!


Is it really possible that Odessa will host part of the UEFA 2012 football competition?

What?……..No, there has been no official announcement yet, as to who the other two cities….outside of Kyiv and Donesk, who already know they will host the tournament, will be…………BUT………

Yesterday,……..and rather sneakily………the German tour operator Tui Travel and UEFA parachuted into Odessa, well behind enemy lines and seemingly without being noticed by anybody…….and signed agreements with 10 directors of Odessa hotels there and then…..from about 50 hotel representatives present at a meeting……relating to UEFA 2012!!!


What did they sign up too?

Well, they have signed to say that they will guarantee at least 65% of the hotel space for reservations of fans for the football coming via Tui Travel and have guaranteed to meet the standards set by UEFA relating to the fans.  Some offered 90% and a few 100% of the hotel space!!!!!

That’s not all…….Tui Travel are coming back next week to sign up the rest of the hotels too…..and have agreed some kind of deal with the Odessa Marine Trading Port Passenger Terminal about “floating hotels” for this period.

Who are Tui Travel………probably the world’s second biggest tour operator, that’s who……and they came here with UEFA!!!

I am starting to think that there is a better than average chance the football will be coming here……..although this is Ukraine and therefore somebody will piss on my parade of course.


…..In fact I am so excited, a little bit of wee-wee came out!!!

I will keep you posted dear reader……..oh and the rent for my spare room, half board for the summer period in 2012 looks like it will defy the current global financial crisis!!!!



International Adoption – Ukraine

April 1, 2009

Ok, this is a brief guide to adoption of a Ukrainian child……as requested…….if both would-be parents are foreign.  Things are different if the would-be parents are Ukrainian or one of them is Ukrainian.

Firstly, I should point out which laws come into effect when adopting a Ukrainian citizen……as these are the parameters in which your fight with the bureaucracy will fall within.


The official agency charged with all adoptions in Ukraine is the Ministry Of Education… which you need to find the Child Adoption Centre.  Knowing how incredibly difficult it is to get any information here…….even the wrong information…..I will help you out a little here with the address and phone numbers……..although I don’t know if there are any English speakers amongst the department’s staff:

Ministry of Education, Child Adoption Centre – 27 Bulvar Tarasa Shevchenko, Kyiv, Ukraine.  Telephone +380 44 246 5431/32/37/49.  Fax is +380 44 246 5452/62.  I can find no email address, although I am certain they will have one…….somewhere!!

Now there are several laws which regulate adoption of Ukrainian children……and despite Ukrainian laws often contradicting themselves, Ukrainian children have been adopted by foreigners…… as Mr Bon Jovi would say…..Keep The Faith!!


The laws you will have to make yourself extremely familiar with are, The Civil Code of Ukraine, Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, Marriage and Family Code of Ukraine and the rather long-winded titled Governmental Decree Number 1377 dated 28/08/2003, called…….Adoption procedure of children who are citizens of Ukraine by Ukrainian and foreign citizens and control of their residing conditions in the families of adopters.

I will try and explain the process as simply as I can……although anyone who has tried to adopt must know that there is no such thing as a simple process…….before you add in the difficulties with language and alphabet.


The first point I should make very clear is – There is no other legal authority for adopting a Ukrainian child other than the Ministry of Education.  There are no short cuts and no other avenues which can be taken unless you want to spend 15 years in a Ukrainian Gulag!!!


I should also point out that any and all legal documents you create for this process are valid for 1 year only during your application.  Should one or all expire you will have to create a relevant new document to replace the one which has expired.

I would therefore, strongly suggest, that those interested in such an adoption, plan which documents they make and when in order to stick within this critical time-line. 

I will also point out now, that any documents submitted must be legalised by an official entity from your own nation and stamped as authentic, translated into Ukrainian by an official translation service and stamped and notarised as such…….no documents will be acceptable unless they have been subjected to this system.

Ok, you have made the mental commitment to take on the bureaucracy both at home and in Ukraine and are determined to provide a home for a Ukrainian child.  You are now saying to me, get your finger out of your a*se and tell me how it works and which documents you will need.


The first thing you must do here is apply to become an adoptive parent with the Ministry Of Education, as per clause 102-2 of the Marriage and Family Code of Ukraine.  I will state once again the Ministry of Education, Child Adoption Centre is the only legal authority for this process.  DO NOT pay money to anyone else as they cannot legally assist you.  The Child Adoption Centre keeps a register of those children suitable for International Adoption.

The Child Adoption Centre will deal with your application from start to finish.

Upon registration of your application, you must then, visit and identify an orphan which you would like to adopt and create contact with the child.  This is not EBay or internet shopping and Ukrainian Gulags are particularly nasty places to be…..even for a night……let alone 15 years for child smuggling!!

When applying to the Child Adoption Centre, you (and your partner) must submit the following documents at the time… stated officially translated into Ukrainian and baring a notarised stamp:

A home study by a legal authority from your home nation, stating you are suitable parents, living conditions….ie. If you have a house, how many bedrooms…..details of your existing family and your CV’s/Resume.

An entrance and permanent residency permit issued by your nation for adopting a child.

Copy of your passports.

Copy of your marriage certificate (if married).

A full medical report as to the state of your physical and mental health.

Both parties from the adopting couple must have a written statement stating they agree to any adoption.

Police check.

Proof of annual household income.


Written commitment by the applicant, that upon any successful adoption, they will register the child with their nation’s Ukrainian Consul within 1 month of the adoption and report annually to that consul regarding the general health and living conditions of the adopted child, it’s education and allow the Consul to contact that child should it have such a desire to do so.

Having submitted all of these documents……and the notarised Ukrainian translations, the Child Adoption Centre takes 20 days to make the registration.  They will then send you a letter allowing you to visit the Orphanages in Ukraine and meet all of the children……..and “select” and make contact with one which may pull at your heart strings more than the others.  Please note that your 1 year time-line has already begun regarding the validity of your documents!!


Unless you speak fluent Ukrainian or Russian, you will need to find and pay your own interpreter for any visits!!

You are required to attend all Ukrainian court hearings regarding the adoption as the process takes place.  It is obligatory under the Ukrainian Marriage and Family Code 102.

You may legally give “Power of Attorney” to someone here to act on your behalf but, as stated you must attend all court proceedings……they cannot do this for you.

It is also your responsibility to be fully aware of any and all documents and correspondence relating to the adoption.

It is strictly forbidden……remember the Ukrainian Gulag……for any intermediary commercial organisation to be involved in this process!!!

You have to be present when the court makes it’s ruling and you must take the child from the orphanage.  You must produce the court’s decision to the orphanage when taking the child.

This whole process can and has been accomplished inside the 1 year time-line…….but do not waste any time in your nation with regards to your nation’s process as the Ukrainian legal system is slow.


There are orphanages all over Ukraine so my advice will be to locate an English speaking lawyer who is very familiar with the Family Code of Ukraine before you even start the documentation process……….or at the very least a fluent English speaking, reading and writing translator.

As stated, this is a guide for adoption of a Ukrainian child when both potential parents are not Ukrainian nationals.  If one or both are Ukrainian, then things are slightly different………but here is a link to the Ukrainian Embassy site in the UK relating to adpotion………


April 1st – No Blog Today…..In Case You Think It Is A Joke!!

April 1, 2009

Ok, today is 1st April…….and the Humourina Celebrations happen in Odessa ……which will probably end up as a mixture of the “La Tomatoe Festival” in Spain, “The Poll Tax Riots” from the UK and “Jack Arse”…….on a scale of 1:1,000,000!


Anything I write today you will probably think is a joke…………although much of what I write, you probably think is a joke or complete and utter bollocks!!

What?……..Yes you do, dear reader…..I know you do…..I can hear you down your computer mic chuntering and bumping your gums about my juvenile posts, what the hell do I know anyway, he’s talking out of his a*se again etc etc…….and you may be right.


All I can say, is that opinions are like a*seholes………everyone has one!!

Anyway, like I say, whatever I write today could well be interpreted by your good self as a joke……more than usual……and I have been asked about some serious topics to which I must reply by way of this blog……about Visa’s and adoption……amongst other things.

No, I promise to keep up the usual standard I set and continually fail to achieve…….but occasionally, there will have to be some “serious posts” covering “serious subjects” about which I am asked.


So today will be a day of preparation for some serious and not so serious blogs for tomorrow…….What?…..No, I promise to spread the serious posts out a bit to avoid turning into a Governmental website or a text version of BBC News 24…… which is about as much fun to read as the instructions to your deep fat fryer……..Yes, I promise!!

So what will I do today apart from that?

I suppose I will have to stretch cling-film over the toilet bowl, put food dye in the shower head, change all the clocks in the house and put Velcro boots on both cats………and watch them stick to the carpet.  Not very imaginative I know……..but it’s a start!!


Right, I’m gone……..inappropriate and juvenile things to do!!

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