Я говорю по-русски – I Speak Russian – Odessa

March 30, 2009

Blimey……..the last few posts have turned quite political and I am loathed to put up another now as I am really wanting…….and feel the need…….to write something quite juvenile and full of sexual double entrendres, as usual………BUT, has someone mistakenly tried to force speaking  Ukrainian……again…..on the people of Odessa over the last week?


I was in the office of my very nice….and very good…..lawyer last week and could not help but notice numerous stickers and flags around his office with the Odessa symbol on it and the statement “Я говорю по-русски”……….which means I speak Russian!!!


Bit non PC for an old school Jewish lawyer born and bread in Odessa…….particularly one with an excellent reputation.  He does, after all, work within the legal system of Ukraine…..and not Russia.

Well, today I had to cross the city to the steel suppliers to order a large amount of balk steel.  I must have seen close to 100 cars with the same Я говорю по-русски stickers on them and a few more flags saying the same.


Now I know there will be much of the nations TV channels here for the Humourina celebrations on April 1st…..and there is nothing better for an Odessian to tell those in Kyiv to……….


……..throughout the day on national TV, and I am sure they will not miss the opportunity…..because as they say here, Ukraine is Ukraine BUT Odessa is Odessa…….although I have not seen or heard anything on the news here to state that somebody in Kyiv, has again tried to commit political suicide, by saying Odessa must speak Ukrainian and not Russian.

Not that it will ever happen, no matter how much they try……..at least in my life time!!!

What?……..Oh, yes Я говорю по-русски as well. 

What do you expect?  Russian is not that easy to learn…..to try to learn Ukrainian at the same time would make my head explode!!!!



  1. Well, I’m not sure what a Voodoo website has to do with speaking Russian…..other than the website is in Russian. Maybe your comment should have been under the “Mystics” post……but anyway, thanks for taking the time to read the rubbish I produce.

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