Katran Restaurant, Odessa

March 21, 2009

Katran Restaurant is to be found at the end of Mayachniy Pereulok.  As in keeping with a restaurant renowned for it’s seafood throughout Odessa, the restaurant has a “nautical theme.”……well see for yourself……


…….yes, the restaurant does look like Noah’s Ark!!

If you like sea food, and a truly spectacular sea view whilst you eat, then this is the restaurant in Odessa for you!

It is not located near the City Centre, therefore being missed by many a tourist, but is extremely popular with the locals.  Whilst you can get “near it” by local transport, I would suggest a taxi on this occasion.  The closest you will get by bus is the spectacular Mujskoi  (Men’s) Orthodox Monastery at the top of the hill. 


You are then faced with a 1 kilometer walk down the hill to reach the restaurant.  The restaurant cannot been seen from the top. 

The restaurant has menu’s in both English and Russian, which as I say are very “Sea” orientated….although you can get a decent steak here if sea food isn’t really your thing.  The service is not the fastest, but with the views on offer, you really are in no rush.

When the sun is setting on a late summers evening, this is a perfect place to take you lady for a romantic meal.


I can but only recommend this place……as would any local!


  1. What is the physical address for Katran Restaurant, Odessa, Ukraine?


    • The actual address for Katran is Mayachniy Pereulok 13

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