Itaka Nightclub, Odessa

March 21, 2009

The Itaka Nightclub is situated in Arcadia together with numerous others and is of course, a summer haven for the young…….”tech-no, tech-no, tech-no bloody notice”…..crowd.

Well, actually I’m not being too honest here, the “dance and trance” people are down the street at the Ibiza nightclub, Itaka is more of a “modern pop with a little trance, R’n’B and……..anything else you’d have on a random I-Pod download”


As you can see, it is not a club which can be confused with any other.  The “Acropolis theme” runs throughout this club, from entrance to exit and everything in between.


It may be, of course that the vibrations from the decibel level have reduced the club to an Acropolistic state….who knows? …..Well, Ok, we all know it was designed this way and not the result of the earth tremors from the “bass bins”, and “woofers”, which are equal only in size to the “Titans”…..which is at least in keeping with the Greek theme.


Itaka not only has a massive…..bloody massive dance floor, but seats about 200 people as well……as it would seeing as it serves some decent food, the hookah, wines, spirits and some very bizarre cocktails.

Did you say decent food….at a nightclub?  Are you having a laugh mate?  – No, I’m serious, they serve some good food here, everything from “little finger nibbles”……yes I can spell “entrees”, I just likes the sound of “little finger nibbles”…..to full course meals.  Hence the reason for being able to seat 200 people…….well you’d look bloody stupid on the dance floor dancing with a hookah….. no, not hooker, I said hookah!!


The service can be somewhat slow, owing to the fact one waitress can be looking after up to 10 tables at a time, but when you come here it is normally to see it through until the sun rises again…..so you really are in no rush!!



Most nights, at around midnight, the club opens with a rather large firework show…….the kind that will be seen by most satellites orbiting Earth…..and with such intensity that it could possibly be interpreted as a “First Strike” by the muppets in the Pentagon on their little screens….I wonder how many times they have gone to “Death-Con 3” when the club opens…….particularly when it is followed by the “sonic boom” of the music system starting up!


Anyway, in keeping with the Greek theme, many of the waitresses wear togas…..”Toga! Toga! Toga! Toga!”…..for some reason I am now lost in a scene from “National Lampoons Animal House” with the late and great John Belushi….


…….but obviously the staff are a little more attractive to the eye than an over-weight American male in a bed sheet!!

As well as the obvious dancing and frivolity, the club puts on a different show each night, so the best seats to get are around the stage, second tier up, if you want a good view whilst you “chow down” for the calorie intake you will later burn off on the dance floor yourself.

The acts differ nightly……well to keep you coming back……. and also include Russian and Ukrainian pop stars who are passing through Odessa at the time.  Ani Lorak is well worth a listen if she is on when you are here…..


……although you can expect anything from Pop Stars, Fire Eaters, Strippers and Acrobats!

As with all the nightclubs in Arcadia, Itaka generally “kicks off” around midnight and runs through until day light is well and truly back……and some people are already heading to the beach.

The club has one of the longest bars I have ever seen.  It is……… v – e – r – y    l – o – n – g ! ! !


Anyway, this club is up there in popularity with Ibiza…..although the music is more varied, so you will normally find several hundred people here each night in the summer season.

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