Call Girls, Harlots, Prostitutes…….And The Genuine Russian/Ukrainian Bride!

March 20, 2009

Ok, a somewhat distasteful blog for some and interesting for others…..no doubt!!

Are there beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women out here who are genuinely wanting to marry foreign men?  Undoubtedly the answer is “Yes.” 


Is the best way to find them via “Marriage Agencies”?……well that depends on the “agency” and the woman in question, but probably not.  This is not a blog about Marriage Agencies here though……that is yet to come!!

This blog is in response to repeated and continual questions relating to Russian and Ukrainian women, Odessa women, sex tourism, “ladies of the night”, the genuine “liberally minded” lady and all those which fall within these “arcs of fire”.

The first point to note, is that women are women regardless of their country of origin….and regardless of their attitude towards the giving of “their favour”, they should be shown the respect you would show any other human being…..like you would your mother or sister etc. etc.  That is my appeal to your humanity.  There are other reasons, particularly in Odessa, for you to adhere to my advice which you will notice as you read on and relate to your need to treat them with respect.

Ukraine and Russia have more women than men.  This is a fact.  There are about 10% more women than men.

It seems, and I am no expert on the Slavic female phsycy, that for this reason, they tend to keep themselves in “tip-top” condition…..even decades after marriage, less they be swapped for a different model.  I am sure there are other reasons behind their motivation for always looking a million bucks, but this will be one of them.


Russian and Ukrainian women know how to look good……damned good….BUT, short skirts, thigh high leather boots, as much skin exposed as possible and a see-through top DOES NOT make them a prostitute….it is a common dress code….even for women who work in a bank during working hours…..or for those of whom are already married!  There have been recent protests from Ukrainian women in the major cities complaining about being mistaken for prostitutes.


Ukraine is not the set from “Pretty Woman” where you can identify Julia Roberts as a prostitute by her clothing.  Most women under a certain age, dress like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.”


The vast majority of young women registered on Marriage Agency websites are not that interested in marriage…..even, and sorry guys, those you have been writing too for months and have even met.  Some of course will be, but most are not.

What?  If there is no way to tell a prostitute by what they wear, how can I recognise one?  Quite simply you can’t….until they make themselves known to you.


Most hotels have a concierge who can arrange things for you.  Please consider that the Odessa Mafia is well known throughout the former USSR and prostitution falls well inside their “terms of business”….so don’t get any stupid ideas if you find the “company” of a lady this way when it comes to non-payment…..or any other acts which have the potential for recrimination.

Prostitution is illegal in Ukraine…..although like many countries, it works via massage parlours, adds in newspapers, “agencies” etc. etc.  Yes most “adds” are written in Russian but some are in English.

That about covers prostitution in as much depth as this particular blog is going to go into.  We have also briefly covered the occasional willing and genuine bride from the “Marriage Agency”, the subject of which will have a seperate blog of it’s own…..at some point.

This just leaves the ladies of a “liberal attitude”……or “Good Time Girls”…..and this comes down to you and your personality.  If you have a personality equal to that of a septic fish tank, the looks of a serious road accident and are about as interesting as a stale piece of toast, then the chances are you will not attract the “fun loving lady” here, regardless of how much money you wave around.


You are, however, by waving your money around likely to attract a prostitute in the bar, club or hotel you are waving it around in, a lady who sees you as a pension plan……or inviting yourself to be mugged by the local low-life!!

Ukraine is not a hedonistic holiday for the sexpat…..well half the year it would be too bloody cold!!

Yes it does have prostitutes and very pretty ones at that but they are more discrete than in other major European cities for the most part.  If you can’t find one in the hotel lobby, in a bar or in a club, like I say ask the concierge…..and if he can’t help you, ask a local. 

Remember, just because the lady looks like the prostitutes in your home nation…..or those in your head, women here dressing like the Call Girls do at home does not mean they are one!!!


……….and “No, she isn’t“…..if I ever show the facial photograph of a real prostitute on this blog it will be with their consent – got it?  None of the ladies pictures which show their faces in this blog are prostitutes…..don’t know about the Old Man though!!!!!!”


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