Luna Park (aka Ilicha Park) Odessa

March 19, 2009

Situated behind the Privos Open Air Market sits Ilicha Park…..or the Luna Park to the locals.


To say it is an amusement park would be a little cruel to amusement parks like Alton Towers.


It would also be untrue to say it is completely crap too.

There are one or two rides which adults may find ” a little stimulating” and would relate to fairly tame rides at Alton Towers or Disneyland…..although, if you are not particularly fond of heights and spinning around upside down, there are two such rides at the Luna Park which will indeed make you regret eating the 4 double cheeseburgers, 2 portions of shrimps, large fries and 4 litres of Diet Coke…..well it has to be Diet Coke…..you don’t want to be taking on unnecessary calories now do you?…..before strapping yourself into these particular contraptions, and eventually throwing up…….just in time to spin back round and get your own regurgitated MacDonald’s right in the face!!


Oh come on!!!……I could have put a far less tasteful pic up that that…….and you know it!!!!

There is also a 4 lane air rifle range at the entrance to the park (on your right) which, once you get used to the sight alignment…..which is designed to ensure you could not hit a cow’s arse with a paddle…..passes a little time.


Generally though, the Luna Park caters for the 5 – 14 year old age range……pretty much the age range that you want at the end of the air rifle range…….the end you’re shooting at obviously!!

It has the usual bumper car rides for the kids…..needless to say it holds no attraction for the average Ukrainian driver, as they prefer the real thing on proper roads…..little power boat rides, candy floss stalls, tea-cup rides, the “Waltzer”…..which many Brits of a certain age will remember from their youth and many more.


Yes, you remember the bloody Waltzer….it’s the one when aged around 13 years old that when you and your girlfriend went on…..you knew, you absolutely knew, the twat of a fairground guy running that ride was gonna try and pull your girlfriend despite her age…no matter which Fair….or indeed which girlfriend!

Anyway, for those of you with a brood of domestic terrorists you selectively chose to call your children, this is not a bad way to keep them entertained for several hours…..and it is cheap.  It has a regular bus service running through until around 2300 to and from Privos and a short walk and you are there.

Nuff said!

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