If The Irish Have Leprechaun’s, The Cornish Have Pixies, What Does Ukraine Have?…….Domovoy!!!

March 19, 2009

If the Irish have Leprechaun’s, the Cornish have Pixies, what does Ukraine have?

With St Patrick’s Day having recently passed, most notably for me on a weekend when England kicked French arse in Paris in the 6 Nations Rugby….although I did blow the froth off a Guinness of two in respect to the Irish….well you have to don’t you, it would be rude not to…..it got me wondering about what Ukraine has by way of Leprechauns and the like.


Now, there are a number of little and/or nasty critters to be found wandering around Ukraine it seems….and although I was thinking of the benign albeit mischievous types, such as Leprechaun’s and Pixies, such as is Domovoy the Ukrainian equivalent…..there is also Baba Yaga and her husband Koshey Bessmertniy.

I will leave Domovoy to the end of this blog….despite everything about this little soul is fairly endearing and he was actually the whole point of the blog….and say a little about Baba Yaga and her husband…..who were obviously created to scare the shit out of any young Ukrainian child!!

Ok, Baba Yaga is not one of the “little people”.  She is a witch of the size and stature of the standard Ukrainian Babooshka (Grandmother/Old lady).  Being a witch, of course, she is as ugly as they come….and then some.  In fact she would give the average Scandinavian troll a “feel good” factor when it comes to looks.


Yeh, I know, so she’s a witch….so what?  Well, not only is she about as sexy as a bucket of mashed crab, she traditionally has one wooden leg….making her the result of throwing in a hag from “The Scottish Play” and a pirate into a blender, putting it on a fast mix, and leaving it to set for a few hours. 

Her home is equally a little bizarre.  She lives in an old ram-shackled house……which hops around the country on a single chicken leg!  (Whoever made up this tale must have been on some fairly strong mushroom tea if you ask me….and I cannot help but see the Little House on The Prairie sat on top of the Monty Python foot….shit, what’s in my tea!!) 


She, as all witches can, is able to fly on a broomstick and cannot be killed.  Her role in a child’s life….well she is here to take away all children who disobey or do not listen to their parents of course!!  She is also responsible for winter and the death of plants, flowers……Narnia anyone?  (Although Gweneth Paltrow is a little sexier than the image of Baba Yaga currently in my head).


Anyway, once she has her children, what does she do with them.  Well, of course she can turn them into animals…or eat a few which reduces her age…well it would, wouldn’t it?

Wait a minute, you said this gorgeous, kindly and misunderstood old lady was married!!  You’re right I did.  She is married to Koshey Bessmertiniy…….who is simply a wizened old man….who happens to travel on a 3 headed dragon….and also steals children from their beds and eats them! 

Koshey Bessmertiny can be killed, unlike his immortal wife (typical), but it is a complicated matter involving killing his 3 headed dragon, uprooting the biggest tree in the forest (which happens to be guarded by his 3 headed dragon), a big wooden box, killing a rabbit, cutting it open to  get the duck out which is inside the rabbit….(now I am lost in Monty Python’s Holy Grail I swear), killing the duck which lived inside the rabbit, cutting open the duck to take out the egg inside it, breaking the egg open which will contain a needle.  Clear so far?


Ok…having killed the 3 headed dragon, uprooted the biggest tree which it guards, f*cked about with a wooden box, taken the rabbit out of the box, killed the rabbit and cut it open to get the duck out, killed the duck and cut it open to get the egg, smashed the egg open to get the needle you then snap the needle and Koshey is dead.  Piece of cake for a 5 year old swimming in their own piss from the nightmare they had about Koshey and his wife Baba eh?

Now to the point of the blog……Ukraine’s little people, the equivalent of the Leprechaun.  This is Domovoy.  He is the noise you hear in your attic of scurrying feet….although he is not a bad little man.  Domovoy lives in your house…well attic to be exact.  He is extremely old and is of the same gene pool as the Leprechaun….and therefore of same mentality and size. 

Domovoy will only live in the houses of good people and will move out if you sell your house to bad people.  Domovoy is childish in behaviour and will move things around the house so you can’t find them….but with no malice towards you…..he does it just for a laugh!!!

Of course, those of us who share our houses with Domovoy simply have to say “Domovoy, Domovoy, poigray i otday!!” or translated “Domovoy, Domovoy, play and give me back!!”……or what it really means is “Domovoy, you little twat, stopped f*cking hiding my car keys/mobile phone and give them back to me before I kick your little arse!!”…….at which point, you will miraculously find your misplaced items.

Annoying as this obviously is, Domovoy will also look after your house when you aren’t home…..so it’s worth having the little man around when all is said and done.

Oh yes, a picture of Domovoy…..


Ok…..now I feel the need for more of this strange tea I’ve been drinking!! 

Oh….and when it comes to souvenirs, why not find a Domovoy or Baba Yaga to take back home…..it’s a little different than the usual crap!!!

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