Odessa In The Autumn

March 4, 2009

As the swealtering heat of close to +40 degrees cools to a more comfortable level for the average European and the hordes of tourists disappear back to their native countries and cities, Odessa benefits from far fewer people and the hangover of good weather from the summer months.

The 3 month summer school holiday period is over and the swarms of gnome-like little people are no longer underfoot during the day.  The buses are now only full and not overflowing…..so there is no longer the need to enter the bus like a front row rugby player throwing himself into a ruck on his own 22 yard line in an effort to get on. 


During the summer months to ensure getting on a bus, one has to be trying to get on it before the sparrow’s early morning fart and twitter……..every bus thereafter, until close to “witching hour” remains like a Guiness Book of Records attempt to see how many people you can actually fit into a matchbox.

The beaches are now quieter and the city centre much more tranquil. 

Those with photgraphic ability or artist tendency will marvel at the tree lined boulivards, warm and seductive ambience and attempt to capture the serenity of sunlight glinting from gold and silver dombed church rooves.  The city returns to it’s authentic self, removing the vast majority of “touristy” chints and tacky memorabilia.

It is now time for the Odessa Jazz festivals to begin. 


The locations for the autumn jazz concerts are numerous, be they in bars and restaurants or open air concerts in parks.  Life generally ticks along with the comfort and speed of a John Lee Hooker song but without the meloncholy contained in the lyrics.

Odessa has been returned to the residents with only a few tourists remaining for the jazz and the usual steady flow of business visitors defying this unwritten decree.

Life is good and there is no better place to chill out than a good restaurant overlooking the sea or a park in the last hazy days of summer.

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